8 Best Hiking and Biking Trails In Laguna Beach

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Perhaps you think that Laguna Beach is the popular place for its endless beaches, coastal towns, and others. But, have you visited other sides of Laguna Beach? There are more than 20,000 acres of the coastal wilderness, state parks and county wilderness areas available in this place. You can enjoy these things, thanks to the incredible network so you can reach hundred miles of biking, hiking, and running trails.
If you wonder the best trails to bike, run, and hike, we have the pictures here!

1. Bommer Ridge and Emerald Canyon

This is an amazing starting point especially for the networking trails in the Laguna Coast Wilderness. You can enjoy the mountain bike from the Old Emerald Trail to the Bommer Ridge. This is the classic option even to hike and run in the Laguna Beach area.
Pack list:
Sunscreen, map, nutrition depends on the length of the trip, and water
With 5 miles of distance and 1000 feet of elevation gain, you can do many things such as mountain biking, photography, chilling, running, hiking, and fitness. With the loop trail type, the location is perfect for beginner to visit in any season. Best of all, this is the ideal place if you want to enjoy the wildlife, wildflowers, scenic views, romantic spot with easy parking, dog friendly, family friendly, and group friendly as well.

2. Boat Road and Laguna Ridge

It is one of the great series of trails in Laguna Coast Wilderness. Besides, the trail offers a beautiful loop with spectacular views up and down of the coastal area.
Here is your pack list:
Water, sunscreen, nutrition depends on the length and map.
With 4.1 miles of distance and 600 feet of elevation gain, you can do some activities such as running, hiking, mountain biking, fitness, photography, and chilling.
If you have no hiking experience, this can be the best place to visit during spring, summer, or autumn. With the out-and-back trail type, the trail will give you a great run away from your busy world.

3. The Pacific Ridge Trailhead

It is also known as the Bommer Ridge West Trailhead will start your adventure from the edge of the Ridge Park Road to the Laguna Coast Wilderness. It is important to note that you can even meet mountain bikers, hikers, and also trail runners.
Anytime you arrive at the trail intersections, you should check the signage. Make sure that you are on the right trail because there are numerous trails that will bring you to the northeast, down to the Laurel Canyon and southwest toward the ocean.
Here is your pack list:
Sunscreen, nutrition, water, and map
With 7.5 miles of distance and 500 feet of elevation gain, the place is great for mountain biking, running, fitness, hiking, and photography.
If you need a dog-friendly and family-friendly trail with the scenic views of wildlife and wildflowers, this is the best place to visit. You can visit it in all season even if you have no experience to hike.

4. The Water Tank Trail

Visiting Laguna Beach is nothing if you do not hike, run, or bike along this trail. During the spring, you will love the incredible flowers and the views are always spectacular in any season.
Here is your pack list:
Water, sunscreen, nutrition for a longer run, ride, or hike, and map
It offers 3 miles of distance and 600 feet of elevation gain that makes the place is great for photography, chilling, mountain biking, running, fitness, and hiking. The place is great for a beginner, as well with easy parking. If you need a great place to gather with your family to enjoy the scenic views, wildlife, wildflowers, and picnic, this is a great place to choose.

5. The Crystal Cove

The great sunset run is everything that you can even do it at Crystal Cove with some top beaches that will not disappoint you. In fact, this is the most beautiful beach in Orange County that makes you enjoy the wildlife. It is also a great place for evening run that you can park in the lot.
Here is your pack list:
Running shoes and sunblock or hat
This place is open in any season and it is available for beginners. You can do running and fitness, as well. If you love scenic beach that is dog-friendly, pick this!

6. B.F.I Trail In Crystal Cove State Park

B.F.I Trail, the Big Fat Incline is the perfect spot for running, hiking, and mountain biking. The mountain biking is so popular in the park and therefore, you must be careful because there are many cyclists down hills and around the corners with very high speed.
Here is your pack list:
Water and nutrition, good hiking shoes, sunscreen, and map
With 0.5 miles of distance and 350 feet of elevation, the area is great even for a beginner to visit. You can do some interesting things like fitness, running, hiking, mountain biking, photography, and chilling. With the out-and-back trail type, you can visit the area in any season. Enjoy the wildflower, wildlife, scenic views, and even bathrooms are available!

7. The Loop Trail

This is the classic loop hike in Crystal Cove. It also comes an amazing network of trails for both running and hiking.
After completing the hike, you can go to the trail that will lead you to the beach. Use your time to go there and cool down. It seems great to enjoy the warm sand and relax.
Here is your pack list:
Backpack, snacks, map, sunblock or hat or sunglasses, water, workout clothes, running shoes, and camera
This place is for an advanced hiker to visit in any season. The loop trail type makes it great for hiking, photography and chilling with 740 feet of elevation gain and 5 miles of distance.

8. The Car Wreck Trail

When you plan to go to The Alison Canyon & Woods Wilderness, you will understand why the place is one of the best network of trails in Southern California, especially for mountain biking. It is because the presence of Car Wreck.
Here is your pack list:
Nutrition depends on the length of your trail, map, sunscreen, and water
The point-to-point trail type along with 1000 feet of elevation gain and 7 miles of distance make it the best place for the intermediate hikers. You can do some activities like mountain biking, photography, hiking, running and fitness.