73 Simple And Useful DIY Hacks for Handy People and Woodworkers

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Today We have collected best DIY hacks that every handyman (and women) and woodworkers should know. I hope you find these hacks useful.

How To Clamp without Clamps

clamp without clamp
Clamps are the most common means of achieving this task. Here at Musicmakers we have a wide variety of clamps available for just about any purpose, but many kit builders don’t have a shop full of expensive clamps. The good news is that, in many cases, you can get by without clamps and use some hacks or tricks for clamping without clamps. Learn Here.

How to Drill Straight Without a Drill Press

Learn how to build a simple DIY 90 Degree Drill Guide for drilling perpendicular holes without the drill press.

Workbench Clamps: Fixturing Clamp for Welding and Woodworking

This cheap and easy DIY clamp is perfect for woodworkers or welders looking for clamps to hold work to a table. Inspired by fixturing systems from the likes of Festool, StrongHand and Certiflat these simple clamps can be made for a little over $4.00 with only an angle grinder and a welder.

Quick And Easy Miter Saw Guide

Quick And Easy Miter Saw Guide
When you need to make lots of the same length cuts on your miter saw, clamp a carpenters square (or even scrap piece of wood) to the table on the side of miter saw so the edge is at the measurement needed. As long as your miter saw is secured to your work table, you can quickly butt the wood up against the carpenters square and make all your perfect cuts in just minutes.

5 DIY Workbench Hacks

Workshop workbenches are often the most used item in any shop and for this reason there are lots of adaptations that woodworkers do to customize their benches such as bench dogs, vices, tool rests, dust collection, lighting, clamping devices and much more.

How to Cut a Straight Line

How to Cut a Straight Line
Most of the time when we lay out a straight line, we reach for a ruler or straight edge trace along it and consider the task completed. But, how do you know that you actually created a straight line? You can check by flipping the straight edge over to the other side of the line and tracing again.. Learn More Here.

Rockler Bandy Clamp Edge Band Clamp Hack

We all look for ways to save money in our shops. Some tips and techniques can actually end up being more trouble than they’re worth, but this spring clamp hack is super easy and cheap and definitely worth doing!

40 DIY Hacks for Handy People and Woodworkers

All the hacks in this video you will learn abot how to create your own woodfiller, clamping with hot glue, clamping with CA glue, Release hot glue quick and easy, Avoid glue squeeze out on miter joinery, Cclamp miter joinery with tape, clamp miter joinery with rubber bands, prefectly flat sanding surface, Sand curved objects, drill bit screw holder, nail holder on your hammer and more.

5 Quick Table Saw Tricks For Woodworkers

Table saws will cut almost any material, but the thinner the material, the finer a toothed blade is required and when you get very thin, there is a risk of the material jamming or getting stuck between the fence and the saw top, especially at the beginning of a cut it seems. Table saw fences need to have a gap so that when the fence is moved back and forth, it not going to get caught in the mitre slot every time.
There are 2 quick solutions to making slim cuts and both involve adding and temporary accessory fence, which could be something as simple as straight, flat board, or it could be in the form of a plastic fence with associated “J” clamps that can be easily put on and taken off as needed.
Part: 1
The table saw is arguable the workhorse of the workshop so knowing a few table saw tricks to set it up quickly and make it work more efficiently can greatly increase production and quality and with the use of Clamps, Squares and a few screws, it’s easy to make any table saw work more efficiently

Part: 2
Table Saws are often the center piece of machinery in the workshop because they can be adapted to so many things more than just ripping and crosscutting wood, in this video I show so adaptions to make your saws more effective to use.
Part: 3
Sometimes we only need temporary adjustments or accessories for making special cuts on the table saw and here are a few ideas for making those cuts without having to make special jigs.
Part: 4
Table saws can be one of the most versatile woodworking tools when you add accessories and modifications to make them do more, and keeping them tuned is vital to good quality saw cuts and all it takes are a few simple DIY jigs to accomplish this.

Upright for Edge Work

Upright for Edge Work how to
A woodworker’s vise is the best way to hold boards on edge. But a pair of hand screws works almost as well. Depending on how you set it up, you may want to insert strips of cardboard under the board to protect it from the hand screws’ sharp threads. Check out more secret clamping tricks here.

DIY Instant Clamp

DIY Instant Clamp
If you don’t have clamps to hold glued wood together, this trick can do wonders. Grab some scrap wood pieces and screw them down on a surface just a little bit wider than the actual size. Put wax paper underneath, place the pieces of wood, then insert wedges to tighten it. You now have a pair of clamps.