7 Tips To Enjoy Winter Adventures With Dog

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For the outdoor dogs, winter is the season they hate most. The winter is so boring that they have to stay at home. Well, stop this all thing and plan ahead to take your dog for hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing. Here are the tips how to adventure with your little buddy safely in winter.

Before talking too far about the winter adventure, here is the gear list you should prepare for your dog:

  • First aid kit
  • Dog bowl
  • Dog pack
  • Hybrid insulated dog jacket
  • Dog Leash
  • Boots

1. Protection

It is important to know that to stick his paws in the snow for several hours is so cold. Therefore, you should protect his paws by providing the boots for your dog. Make sure that you can put it on and take it off easily. If your dog walks funny, it does not a big deal because sooner he will get used to using these things. If you do not provide the boots, you should check his paw pads because it is hurt.

2. Make Sure He Is Not Get Cold

If your dog is not the true winter dog, it is a good chance if the dog will get cold due to the winter below the single digits. You should provide your dog a few jackets. It depends on how could your dog gets, you can get him a fleece or even add the insulated jacket.

3. Hydrate And Snack

If you want to backpack on a long trip with your dog, you should bring enough food and water. Winter adventures can be exhausting, especially if your dog is adventuring through the deep snow. Also, you should be more attentive such as recognizing the signs of dehydration and exhaustion. If your dog is lagging behind and refusing to walk, it can be the serious signs. Rest for a while and make your way back slowly. Otherwise, you will see your dog with the emergency assistance.

4. Choosing The Trail

Do you have a plan to adventure with your dogs in deep powdery snow? If so, it will make your dog works hard because he may sink a little or even to his chest. He will also start jumping up and through the terrain. Well, that is fine if the trail is short. But, it can be exhausting and even lead to hip problems for a long trek, especially for a dog with the hip dysplasia tendency. Therefore, it is wise to find the trails that allow your dog to find the solid footing.

5. Check The Area

It is important to check first whether the area is dog-friendly or not. You should not bring your dog everywhere you go. In fact, some places perhaps are still in the restoration or the wildlife can be sensitive to dogs. Therefore, it is good to find the alternatives.

6. Let Your Dog Off Leash

This is the coolest way if you want to enjoy the outdoors and adventures with your little dog. Sometimes, you just need to let the leash off if the destination allows it to. Nevertheless, do not immediately let him off leash. You should check first whether your dog can respond to your call or not. It can be an awful experience if your dog suddenly runs away to chase a squirrel and he gets lost. Therefore, it is always good to start practicing your dog. For example, you can bring your dog in a yard and train his capability to respond to your call. After that, you can take the real deal.

7. The First Aid And Hypothermia

Just like the adventures in the summer, you cannot leave the first aid kit when you are about backpacking with your dog in the winter. Do not forget to bring the styptic pencil. It works to stop most of the minor cuts from bleeding quite fast. In addition, the doggy aspirin is available to make sure that your dog will not get stomach ulcers.
The next important thing to know is about learning hypothermia. This is good so at least, you know how to help your dog when he is suffering from this condition. What can you do? Well, try to learn more about the signs of hypothermia. If you see that your dog shows dilated pupils, uncontrollable shivering, along with slow breathing, these are the signs. The first thing to do is to help your dog immediately by using blankets or jackets. You should help to warm your dog. Besides, do not take too many risks to your dog just for the adventure. It is better to go back and find the nearest assistance to do the first treatment for your dog. Otherwise, hypothermia can cause severe issues and this condition is fatal.

The last thing to know is that you should have a blast. If your dog loves to go out in the winter, make sure that the trail and the adventure are fun.
Those are all things you should do when it comes to adventuring with your dog during winter. Remember that you should make an appointment with your vet first before starting the adventure just to check his health. The vet may also share about other useful tips to make your adventures unforgettable with your dog. Keep calm and act quickly because when it is about the outdoors, sometimes everything may happen beyond your expectation and control.
It is not an easy thing to bring your dog to adventure in winter especially if this is the first experience for your dog. Keep in mind that you should not start the adventure without any physical training first. If you want to make a successful adventure, it needs practice. Therefore, you should take your dog out to walk during the winter around your house so you can train his capability gradually. The last thing to remember is you should know your dog’s limits. Understand that he is your partner and there should be nothing bad happens to him by making a solid plan. Enjoy the adventure and plan for the next trip!

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