7 Incredible Hikes In Colorado You Must Try

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What comes to your mind when you think of Colorado? Obviously, the outdoor places to explore.
This is the majestic state and the views in Colorado for all hikers are one of the best on earth. You can do many things like climbing the grand mountain peaks, walking around the wonderful wildlife, hanging out at the beautiful alpine lake, and exploring the beautiful wildflowers.
Therefore, Colorado offers everything and the place will never make you disappointed. Enjoy the views from the San Juan to the Rock Mountain National Park. Otherwise, get everything around the west of Denver. Whether you are a beginner or an expert backpack hiker, there are some best areas to explore in North America, we mean Colorado.

1. Four Pass Loop (Maroon Bells Wilderness)

If we have to say about this place, it is the best and the biggest hike we include in this list. It will be your unforgettable adventure in your lifetime. Just like the name, you have to trek the four mountain passes during your four-day hike. At the same time, you will explore the beautiful alpine lakes, the wildflowers, and the incredible waterfalls.
Here is your pack list:
Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, camera, bear spray, bear-proof food canisters, and water filtration system.
With 27.1 miles of distance and 8000 feet of elevation gain, you can do some activities like photography, fishing, camping, backpacking, and hiking. Even you can choose this place if you have the intermediate skill to hike in summer.

2. La Plata Peak

It is one of the most beautiful peaks that will show you the amazing scenery. In addition, you can find it in the middle of the long range and the view from the peak will last in your memory forever. Therefore, it is a must to bring your camera and a swimsuit since you can cool off at the Twin Lakes at its bottom.
Here is your pack list:
Hiking boots, raincoat, extra water, sunscreen, and raincoat.
With 9.25 miles of distance and 4500 feet of elevation gain, you can take some pictures, enjoy running, chilling, hiking, fitness, and rock climbing. We recommend this place for intermediate hakes in autumn, summer, and spring.

3. Longs Peak

Enjoy the classic climb in Colorado with the advanced hike that will let you reach the tallest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Of course, the peak will challenge you in all way but the reward is a priceless thing. The water and the adventure are the real rewards of your hikes.
Here is your pack list:
Daypack, sturdy hiking boots or shoes (good grip is prior), lots of water for long hikes, a base layer, a warm layer, and a wind layer. Other than that, bring sunscreen, trekking poles, camera, and plenty of protein bars even sandwich for your lunch.
This site is only for advanced hikes in autumn and summer. Best things to do are photography, rock climbing, and hiking.

4. Lost Man Loop

The point-to-point trail in this site will make you love the amazing journey. Spend your time to wonder the alpine lakes, the amazing peaks, and the neat wildlife. With the high in elevation and low elevation gain, the trail is great for you if you want to hike a far distance but just a beginner to tackle the trail.
Here is your pack list:
Map, tent, water, food, and hiking boots
You are going to hike 8.8 miles with 1290 feet of elevation game. Take your time to chilling, camping, fishing, mountain biking, backpacking, hiking, and photography. This site is also great for intermediate hikes in autumn and summer.

5. Caribou Lake

Spend your summer to hike and explore Colorado with all beautiful views. We promise you that you will love the amazing views. If you live in the Denver area and avid fisherman, you should not skip out this adventure. Note that this is for intermediate hikes.
Here is your pack list:
Water, tent, water purifier, lightwood food, cooking or eating utensils, backpacking stove, sleeping bag, rain jacket, sunscreen, and clothes for layering. Fishing gear, hammock, and camera are additional items for fun.
Visit the site in autumn and summer so you can do some interesting activities like chilling, camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, and photography. This site is also great for intermediate skill hikes.

6. Mount Elbert Peak

So, have you climbed the highest peak or the second highest peak in Colorado? This is your chance and it is an easy chance. If you have a good physical condition, it is easy to reach the peak. It is more than just the simple views but the surreal feeling when you can reach the top.
Here is your pack list:
Plenty of water and a jacket
Call off your summit if the weather is so poor. With 9 miles of distance and 4700 feet of elevation gain, this site is perfect for hiking in summer, spring, and autumn.

7. Mount Sniktau

For a beginner, this is a beautiful ridge to hike. It is near the Loveland Pass that offers the incredible panoramic views. You can enjoy the view of beautiful mountains with out-and-back hike, simple and accessible trail. Eventually, you can reach the peak easily in a day trip if you are from Denver.
The hike will pump your blood once you exit your car. It is because you will climb almost 1,000 feet in the first mile. After that, you have to continue to the relentless hill so you can reach the top. After reaching the top, you will be facing the Torreys Peak, especially the west side. Turning left will make you go to the Mt. Sniktau summit and this is the false summit because it is over 13,0000 feet. From the top of this false summit, you can see the Mt. Sniktau. You only have to follow the trail down to the ridge.
Here is your pack list:
Hiking boots, gloves, hat, sunscreen, Chap Stick, trekking poles, windproof jacket, and water
The distance you are going to reach is 4 miles. The location is great for hiking and photography. Since the condition is great for year round visit, this place is a nice choice to bring the beginner to hike. Best of all, the location allows you to bring your pets.