7 Fun DIY Fall And Winter Projects To Do With Your Kids

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Winter makes air turns colder and time goes shorter. Therefore, you need to entertain your kids inside your home. The best way to make them comfortable is to make them busy with some DIY decorative projects for fall and winter. You can try these educational, easy, yet fun projects to spend your time with them.

DIY Wreath

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing all the houses in the neighborhood decked out with festive flare. Wreaths are a traditional decoration that signifies the holidays. This year, instead of putting up the usually dried pine boughs, make a living wreath. Creating a living wreath is an exercise in micro-gardening, as well as showing our children that we don’t always have to destroy nature to suit our needs – such as by chopping limbs off a pine tree. We can create something beautiful that also sustains life.

DIY Mason Herb Kit

We agree that fresh herbs make all menus taste delicious but they can be a bit pricey. Therefore, it would be good to grow your DIY herbs for saving some money. This is a great solution. Even though you have no large gardens to plan the herbs, you can still grow the indoor herbs in mason jars.
Your kids will love this project because they get to play with the dirt and watch it grow. Gardening indoors will teach them about making use of the space they do have and the growing cycle of edible plants.

DIY Candles

We are sure that your kids have a lot of old crayons. If so, it is the time to transform the crayons into fun candles. Of course, this is the nice colorful project that will teach your kids about upcycling, not throwing away their broken toys, we mean crayon. Now, kids will learn that they can upcycle their crayon into something new and different. That is also possible for their other old toys. If you want to create a scented candle, you will need essential oils. For example, you can choose peppermint and citrus oil to uplift your spirit. Otherwise, go with lavender or cedarwood oils to create a calming feel.

DIY Soap

Making soap is a lost art. It’s now mass-produced, and most soaps contain chemicals and dyes that are unnecessary and potentially harmful as well. Teach your kids that they can make pure soaps just like their ancestors. To make it fun, use different molds, colors, and scents. Candy corn soap is the perfect craft for fall. You and your kids can even make the soap as gifts for their teachers or friends.

DIY Thankful Tree

This DIY project will be the perfect centerpiece in your home, especially for Thanksgiving. This is the vintage decoration combined with the rustic wooden disc as well as chalkboard pieces. It looks beautiful with the tall glass jar and nuts for river rocks and glass beads. Here is the tutorial: vintage-inspired design.
Get your kids involved by having them help you write out things they are thankful for. Help them think about all the great things that happened during the year and guide them to be thankful for things that aren’t materialistic.  It’s a good way to teach them to be mindful of the good experiences they have.

Maple Leaf Globe

Peering into a maple leaf globe will take you back in time to when you were a kid playing in a big pile of fall leaves. You jumped in and threw big armfuls up in the air so the leaves would rain down on you. Like a snow globe, a maple leaf globe sets a scene inside a glass filled with water, but instead of white snowflakes, maple leaves in vibrant colors flurry around.
Your kid can help you pick out the tree and leaves that will go in the globe, and after it’s all put together, you can watch the leaves fall and teach your child all about the fun things you did during your childhood.

DIY Crystalized Snowflakes

This is a fun and easy project for kids that they can learn about chemistry. They only need two ingredients to make beautiful crystallized snowflakes.
All you have to do is dip pipe cleaners in Borax overnight and crystals form on the small fibers. When you wake up in the morning, you have beautiful crystallized snowflakes.
You don’t have to stop at just snowflakes, either. You can make hearts for Valentine’s Day or clover for St Patrick’s Day.

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