7 Brilliant Solutions To Repair Damaged Clothing

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If you have a problem that your clothes are constantly wearing out, well, you are not alone. In fact, it is not the end even if you have a scuff, stain, and a tear for your clothing. Whether these problems come out to your tights, leather boots, sweater, and anything else, you can still do the simple repair. If you want to save your money by reducing the replacement items to purchase, we think you should do these to your damaged clothing.

1. Armpit Discoloration With Baking Soda/ Lemon Juice

You can mix lemon juice and water. After that, scrub at the discolored armpit stains to handle this problem. If you have to deal with the tough stains, you should make a paste from baking soda and water. After that, scrub it into the stain and wait for a few minutes before throwing the garment in the wash.

2. Remove Water Stains From Leather Boots By Using Vinegar

Gently brush the stained area on the leather booths by using a toothbrush you have dipped in vinegar. This is good to repair the damage. It also works to deal with the salt stains.

3. Use Shaving Cream To Remove Foundation Stains

Perhaps, you want to remove the unsightly foundation stains around the collar of your shirt. Actually, it is easy. You do not have to take the shift off. You can use shaving cream to remove the stain.

4. Lipstick Stains

Another kind of makeup I can’t put on without getting some on myself.  We’ve all been there – even guys get lipstick marks on their clothes from girls (see above).  The good news is, there’s an easy way to remove those colorful marks with hairspray.

5. Swab on petroleum jelly to repair scuffed patent leather

Dip a q-tip or cotton ball in petroleum jelly and apply to the scuffed area.

6. Use clear nail polish to stop a run in your tights

If you apply just a dot of clear nail polish before the run really gets going, you can get at least a couple more wears out of a pair of tights.

7. Paint clear nail polish over a button that’s threatening to come undone

At some point, you should probably learn how to sew on a button. But in the meantime, a dot of clear nail polish will get you through.