6 Must-Know Things Before Hiking The Narrows

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So, you are about preparing your best hikes, hiking the narrows. What should you do?
Before heading the site, it is good to find anyone who has a good experience. They can be the best option to provide the complete information when you are about visiting Zion National Park, the Narrows. Eventually, they can tell you all needs you should bring, including the must-do list.
Have you visited The Narrows?
The Narrows is one of the popular hikes in America with its cool and most inspiring views. There, you can even enjoy the dramatic scenery and opportunity to enjoy the Southwest adventure. It is not surprising that the site has been inviting a thousand tourists and locals per year because they are curious about the site. Most of these hikers want to explore the mighty Virgin River that will also lead you to the sandstone of the park.
It is not a big problem if you are a beginner in this adventure. If you have no idea how to tackle the unique adventure, listening to all the advice from the guidebooks or bloggers can be overwhelming. Here, we provide you with the six important things you should know more about the Narrows hike. We hope that you can head to this site in your next backpacking trip.

1. The First Shuttle

Well, we understand that all of us, not the morning people. But, when you are about heading to the Narrows, our best advice is to take the first shuttle of the day. This is the best thing to do before you hike to the Narrows. By doing this way, you can save your life and enjoy your adventure without dealing with the crowds. Eventually, the site offers you the beautiful views of the sunset. Any hikers who have visited the desert even love the afternoon hours. If you love to take some pictures, the bonus to get the first shuttle early is to get the exceptional photos. The softer light is able to create the ethereal effect and best of all, there will be no tourists that will distract the scenery.

2. You Don’t Even Need Rental Equipment

When we headed to the Narrows hikes, most of the hikers told us that we must rent canyoneering shoes as well as Neoprene socks from Zion Adventure Company. Even one hiker told us that hiking the Narrows was like walking on the bowling balls because the trail will not trouble you.
Therefore, we went over to Zion Adventure Company just to know the prices even if we didn’t rent any equipment. The best thing here was we didn’t need to drop more money and carried extra weight we didn’t even need to.
Note: Hiking the Narrows in summer is enough to warm with the Virgin River that gives you comfortable cold. Nevertheless, if you do hiking at the site in the colder months of the year, we suggest you rent or purchase the appropriate gear. Canyoneering shoes, neoprene socks, and a hiking stick are what you need. You can rent them all from Zion Adventure Company by spending $23.

3. The FREE Walking Stick

If you get early to the site, your opportunity to get the free walking stick in the entrance of the site is high. This is another reason why you should catch the first shuttle. At the entrance to the Narrows right after you walk down the Riverside Walk, you can find some sturdy walking sticks or the wooden branch from the fellow hikers. They leave these things so the next hikers can use it. Therefore, you can grab one that you feel comfortable and after returning from the site, you should leave the stick for the next hikers, too.

4. No Permits

So, we bet that you are a beginner with a few hours to take your time in Zion. Take your new experience by hiking bottom-up. Well, there are no permits you will need. Nevertheless, you will need permits if you want to camp inside or hike the entire trail at 16 miles from the top down. To get the permits, you should head to the lottery. Besides, it depends on the water flow, water height, your experience, your ability, and the miles you want to take; this hike can be easy. Keep in mind that you can hike as far as you want with the option to always turn back and leave at any time.

5. Two Hours Hiking

The slot canyon has the narrowest parts and the local visitors call it as the Wall Street. It is like a holy grail for all hikers. Eventually, most tourists turn around and then start heading back. At this point, it means that you are in the heart of the Narrows. You are enjoying the 2,000-foot of vertical walls with the orange-red sandstone for about 20 to 30-feet across. Therefore, it is the time to enjoy your adventure a little bit longer by enjoying the view and explore at the striations of sedimentation. If you think that you still want to explore the area, it is good to take the next adventure for the little upstream and head to the right down, the Orderville Canyon.

6. Water Levels

You may hear about flash flooding when you are hiking at the National Park in Southern Utah. If you have less experience at this point, it can be difficult to understand the water levels that can change quickly and violently. Perhaps, you have heard that there were seven hikers in the slot canyon in Zion dead after the cluster of thunderstorms came through suddenly without warning. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to always check in the weather on the day you are going to visit the area. Best of all, you should prepare yourself with a ranger to find the potency of flash flood before hiking. It is because impossible to contact you once you are inside a canyon and therefore, there will be no warning you can get. Some flash floods may happen even though the weather is good and not rainy. Therefore, if you head to the Narrows, be smart and be cautious.