6 Creepy Stories of Ski Runs from National Headlines, Urban Legends, and the Myths

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Well, skiing has been the long tradition in the U.S and America. It is a fancy sport with the beautiful white scenery, warm lodges, warm fires, and the hot chocolate to enjoy after the play. Everyone really enjoys the cold and the icy lands until a line of creepy accidents happened leaving traumas to some people who witnessed it. Here are some most terrifying stories and tragedies around the ski runs.

Mt. Caucasus – The Malfunction Gondola

The Malfunction Gondola
At least eight people were reportedly suffering from serious injury including a pregnant woman in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia. The terrifying event happened last 16 March 2018 when the lift uncontrollably started going to high speed that made everyone cannot get off safely.
At the moment everyone realized that the gondola started to move in high speed and sent people on the chair flying to the bottom, people on the slope started shouting to everyone in the chair to jump, “Jump, Jump!” to avoid them suffering from a serious injury.

The Creepy Stories From Skiers Who Were Trapped In The Stormy Place

The Creepy Stories From Skiers Who Were Trapped In The Stormy Place
It is actually the urban legend from Japan that once upon a time, two men from Colorado spent their vacation in the ski resort. Just like other ski enthusiasts, they brought equipment for recording the fun.
It had been several days these people stayed in the small hut, miles away from the settlements. Then, suddenly they found the weather was changing dramatically to force them staying in the hut until the storm ended.
The two finally challenge their adrenaline and one of them was injured during the storm comeback. No one could help them as there was no one in that place. One guy tried to communicate using a radio to help them get out of the storm but it was pointless. The one friend bled to death. The another guy was then a loner in the mountain, without food and enough equipment to survive.
With a lot of sadness, he then buried his friend in the snow. Then he went back to the hut to sleep and waited for the storm to end. He suffered physically and mentally.
The next morning, he was shocked after finding his friend body laid down next to him. He was terrified for thinking about that. How such dead body came back to his bed. Then he went out bringing his friend’s body and buried him again. After that, tomorrow morning, he found the same thing; this corpse was laid down next to him again, again and again. He felt creepy ¬†and helpless. And he was thinking it might have been the last time he buried his friend. He couldn’t help for his curiosity. He then recorded the night to find out who brought back the corpse. In case he could find the answer.
And yes, after a long night, again, he found out his friend cold body was laid next to him again. Now he was shocked a lot and terrified. That scary moment simply drove him crazy.
He grabbed his record and he even scared to die to find the black shadow came out of the hut and brought back the dead body inside. It needed a long time for him to notice that this shadow was him who came back with his friend.

Haunted Ski Resorts

Haunted Ski Resorts
One of the scariest ski resort is in the luxury Mount Washington Hotel, near the Bretton Woods ski resort in New Hampshire. This grand hotel has been reported to have a ghost repeatedly about the Carolyn Stuckey. She was the wife of the man who built the building. Believe it or not, visitors often hear someone writes on the walls and also turns on and off the lights randomly in several places. People also call her “The Princess” after she married a prince from French, Aymon de Faucigny-Lucinge.
Of course, this hotel has a long history about the ghost that last 1944 hosted Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference. Some people often report they see a group of diplomats ghosts discussing world economics.
It seems like the story of haunted place belongs to the cold and cloudy area just like in Stowe. The same creepy story comes from Brass Lantern Inn that visitor always hears a group of people dance tapping on the third floor during the winter storms. Even though no one has ever proved it, the creepy story goes along the way.

The Death of Michael Kennedy

The Death of Michael Kennedy
It was 1997, Michel Kennedy died in New Year’s Eve when playing football while skiing in Aspen Mountain’s Copper Bowl. The game was not completely dangerous for the Kennedy family as this tradition had been done for over three decades, probably this can be said as a daring game. Unfortunately, Kennedy at that time was out of balance that led him lost an edge and caused him crashing the tree with the head first. The worst was Kennedy at that time had no helmet on his head, so we couldn’t expect much about that.

Alavanche In Loveland

Alavanche In Loveland
Approximately, 5 skiers were reportedly died after the sudden avalanche in the Sheep Creek, Loveland. Sadly, the five skiers were experienced and well-equipped. One body was found managing to crawl out of the spill and was about trying to call for help. Unfortunately, none of them found alive. It was just so unfortunate skiing that everyone might experience the worst even though have the best preparation.

Another Gondola Malfunction In Vail

Another Gondola Malfunction In Vail
In the same month, the 26 March 1976 became the most terrifying event in Vail that the gondola falls off so sudden and killed three people instantly. The fourth one succumbed in the Denver hospital.
Due to the inattention of the maintenance, the other more than thirty gondolas dangled up in the air and some of them were stuck over 225 feet in the air that this finally was concluded as the main culprit.
In fact, no matter how skillful you are, but such a terrifying accident cannot be avoided. It is always our own concern when visiting the ski resort to see its safety. Overall, the adrenaline sport is a big risk.

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