6 Best Scenic Places To Hike In Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is the state that is full of natural beauty for hikers. The mesas, rolling grasslands, sparkling lakes, towering cliffs, and scenic places are the main reason why the place is always inviting for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, the hiking trails in Oklahoma are exciting because of the various options of athleticism degrees, the wildlife, and the natural wonders are the magnet for anyone to visit Oklahoma.
Here are the best scenic places to hike in Oklahoma:

1. The Cathedral Mountain Trail (Gloss Mountain State Park)

The prehistoric, buttes towering and hued mesas are everything you will see when you hike to the Gloss Mountains. It is almost 1,600 feet and the buildings come with the shiny exterior because of the high selenite materials. The panoramic views are the best, especially for the 360-degree of view of the Cimarron River, LONE Peak mountain and Cathedral mountain.
Here is your pack list:
Hiking shoes or sandals, lots of water, meals and snacks, daypack, sunscreen, sunglasses, layers of clothing, bug spray, trekking poles if you need, camera, camera polarizer.
With the 1.2 miles of distance and 150 feet of elevation gain, the place is best for chilling, photography, and hiking. This is a good place for beginner and visits it in all season.
Best of all, the place has good facilitation that even you can bring your pets.

2. The Elk Mountain Trail (Wichita Mountains)

It is one of the beloved gems in Oklahoma. It offers beautiful resources with two and a half mile trail to reach the Elk Mountain. Don’t ask us about the views because everything is so incredible especially for the views of Charon Garden Wilderness and Wichita Mountains along the way, the wildlife sightings, and the Boomer Lizard that is so colorful. If you wish you want some more physical activity, you will never regret to boulder scramble around the areas, at the top of the Elk Mountain.
Here is your pack list:
Camera, snacks or meal, sunglasses, sunscreen, hiking shoes or hiking sandals, layers of clothing, bring 32 oz. of water minimum, and daypack.
It offers 2.4 miles of distance and 590 feet of elevation gain to hike, take pictures, and rock climb. This place is good for intermediate hiking option that is best to visit in summer.

3. The Mountain Trail To The Bluffs (Robbers Cave State Park)

Well, not all visitors visit the place because the cave is infamous. It is the historic outlaw, the home for the Carlton Lake also San Bois Mountains. What you should do is to hike the Mountain Trail, start from the Deep Ford Campground and reach to the bluffs. This is what you need if you want more treat and more stunning photographs.
Besides, there are some bluffs you should explore on the Carlton Lake. The distance to the bluffs and the campground is 3.2 miles.
Here is your pack list:
Daypack, water, camera, snacks or meals, circular polarizer, sunglasses, hiking shoes, and layers of clothing
Since it offers 3.2 miles of distance and 360 feet of elevation gain, you can take pictures and hike. This is the place for intermediate hiking option to visit in spring, summer, and autumn.

4. The Lake Loop Trail To Mesa Loop Trail (Roman Nose State Park)

So, you are looking for the best place to hike with an incredible view, to have a picnic and love the sunset. If so, you should hike the about 2.8-mile trail from the Lake loop trail and reach to Mesa Loop Trial, in Roman Nose State Park. This path will make you find the Inspiration Point that offers the majestic views of Watonga Lake and the Canyon.  Besides, the trail will help you have a big experience of uphill and downhill climbing, beautiful little rock garden, and switchbacks.
Here is your pack list:
Daypack, camera, lunch, water, appropriate hiking boots, first-aid kit because the cacti are quite many, a license for the fishing plan, and bathing suit during the warm months
For 2.8 miles of distance and 154 feet of elevation gain, this place is good for chilling, photography, and hiking. It is a perfect place for a beginner to hiking, too.

5. Hike The Ankle Express Trail To The Swinging Bridge (Greenleaf State Park)

This is the Instagram-able place in the park, the swinging bridge. The bridge is so unique that suspends over the Greenleaf Lake and it is so fun to take some pictures there. If you want to reach the landmark, you need to hike for about 5.3 miles out-and-back right from the Ankle Express trailhead across the Deer Run campground. It is worth to deal with the trail since you can enjoy the scenic lake and forest all along the way.
Here is the pack list:
Water, daypack, lots of bug spray, layers of clothing, trekking poles if you need, food and snacks, sunscreen, camera, and sunglasses
Since it offers 5.3 miles and 500 feet of elevation gain, the place is good to visit during winter to chilling, photography, and hiking. It is also a good place for a beginner.

6. The McGee Creek Natural Scenic Recreation Area

It is your ideal choice if you want to look for variation during your hiking experience. It is because the trail offers multiple canyons, creeks, and overlooks. Besides, the trail and adjoining lake area are about the peacefulness and the quiet waters are the best. Eventually, there are no bikes and motorized vehicles around the area. Therefore, it is a good place to hike. For a good day, we recommend you to hike the main loop that offers 10 miles. On the other hands, take the decent backpacking option to hike the entire trail for 25 miles.
Here is your pack list:
Usual hiking or backpacking supplies, the trail map, GPS with no cell phone connection, good hiking shoes or boots with waterproof.
After you pass the campsite B3 on the Wildcat Canyon Trail, you should stay on the main loop that will take you to the southeast through the open meadow where you will see the piles of rocks.