5 Everyday Habits That Help Keep Your Dog Fit

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The secret of losing weight is always the same that is about eating less and exercising more. Nevertheless, that is not always as simple as we can say. Nevertheless, if you can break it down into some smaller goals, it sounds easier to manage.
Just like humans, there are many dogs suffering from obesity. For example, in the U.S. there are about 50% of dogs and cats are overweight.
Obesity is the real problems that can lead to some health issues. Besides, obesity can also shorten their lifespan. Nevertheless, still, there are some simple things to do to keep your dog is active and fit. If you think that your dog has to lose a few pounds, do these five habits and you will worth it.
 Feed Less

 Feed Less

Well, it is great that you follow the label of instructions about the portion of your dogs to eat. Nevertheless, it is possible if your dog is getting a little plump. You should cut the recommendation located on the back of the food bag. It can cause overfeeding. If your dog is not a working dog, it is not necessary to deal with extra calories. If you think that he is not a working dog, he does not need all of the extra calories to keep him going all day. Certainly, the dog needs more food to keep him when he was a growing pup. Since he has turned, you should decrease his food to a point where his weight is not consistent. For example, he can eat about 15% less than the recommendation of a bag of dog food, especially if he is a nonworking suburban dog.
Eventually, based on a study, feeding your dog for less than 25% can increase your dog’s lifespan by 1.8 years.

Reading Dog Food Labels

Of course, each dog food comes with their own recommendation about the portion based on your dog’s weight. Nevertheless, there is still a problem with vagueness. For example, some bags explain to feed about 1/2 or 1 cup per pounds. It means that a 50% difference for each meal. If you have an 80-pound dog, it means that you should give 2 to 4 cups. That is the quite a large difference for meal size.
What we can recommend to you is to consult your vet if you have a big concern anytime you want to make a change to his diet. Your vet can help you how to come up with the plan that is right for your dog.

Measure Out All Of the Meals

Giving an extra ounce per day seems not much, but if you do that for a year, the total is 45 cups. Therefore, you should keep track your dog’s diet by measuring all of his meals with the scale or measuring cup.
Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep Yourself Motivated

Per day, a dog walk is more than just to get some exercise. The problem is that the chance your dog has each day to go out, walk, and explore is something very rare. Therefore, it is important to give his chance. It is an important part of your dog’s day. In fact, it is only 60% of the dog’s owner who took their dogs to walk every day.
So, what you should do to keep yourself motivated and give your dog’s chance to walk every day? Here are the little hacks.

  • Keep in mind that the walk is so meaningful for your dog, physically and mentally. It is his first need on the top of the list.
  • Keep in mind that physical activity is great for you two.
  • Use it as the chance to get in some training like loose leash walking or impulse control.
  • Make it more exciting by always exploring the new trails
  • Invite your friend or family member to join you two.
  • Invest in some comfortable shoes. A good pair of sneakers will always make you great to start all day by walking with your dog

Engage in Some Interactive Play

Engage in Some Interactive Play

It is interesting if you all live right by the beach or something like you have access to support agility course for your dogs but no one of you does not so you have to improve a little.
If your dog is not that picky when it is all about playing, doing anything like you blow bubbles for him will make him happy for hours. It is the easiest way to get some exercise in for your dog and of course, you only spend a little effort to do that.
Of course, you should do something else such as to keep your dog active and entertained by playing a lot of indoor games. You can play nose work, hide the treats, play tug of war, or various interactive treat dispensers or puzzle toys.
Playing is so essentials you should not underestimate. It can reduce stress, create a strong bond and give your dog a meaningful interaction. Best of all, it supports your dog to do his daily exercise even on rainy days.
Of course, playing is very important. The type and the frequency of playing with your dog are good indicators of his quality life.

Dog Snacks & Treats

We have to admit that you do not even need to provide any dog treats in your cupboard. Occasionally, it is fine to make some delicious peanut butter treats if you are training or working on some new. Besides, if you are the big fans of stuffing Kongs with something delicious, can you believe that most days she still okay not to get any snacks at all?
It is better to provide a lot of fruits and veggies instead of buying treats when you train him. They are great since they are low in calories. Even though the dog treats are the nice bonus, it is not necessary to have every day. If your dog needs to decrease a few pounds, then one of the easiest ways to cut the calories and to skip out all those extra snacks.
Dog Snacks & Treats