4 Luxury Ski Resorts In Europe That Are Worth Of A Lot Of Money

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There are some skiers who just want to wake up and discover the beautiful scenery with the subtle sunlight near the window that they just don’t like to wake up in the bunk beds or taste the instant noodles. That’s a “No, No”. They need luxurious hotels and ski resorts are the things they need to spend the cold winter in bonafide place. So, here is the best list of a luxury ski resort in Europe.

Courchevel 1850 – France

Courchevel 1850 – France
People now call it Courchevel, known as the most popular glamorous ski resort in Europe. That means, going here with a tight budget is not recommended as this resort is surrounded by 2-6-star ‘palace’ hotels. Meanwhile, the visitors are provided by the restaurants with Michelin stars.
The Courchevel 1850 ski resorts consist of 4 villages, including:

  • Courchevel 1850
  • Courchevel Village (1550)
  • Courchevel Moriond (1650)
  • Courchevel Le Praz

Then, the luxury look doesn’t stop in the hotels and views. Many jewelers and designer shops are lined up in the streets. This is the normal thing as crazy rich people and celebrities come here enjoying the premium resorts.
Of course, Courchevel 1850 is a place for everyone that has 27 runs for beginners, 82 runs for intermediates and 10 runs for the advanced skill level. It is a perfect place to spend the cold winter with family, groups or even the non-skiers. You can reach the 3 Valleys in Courchevel 1850 using 2 large gondolas to reach the Saulire. There are over 470 snow canons and also 22 piste bashers in the ski runs. The visitor can spend around tarting with £50,000 for a feast, chalet and enjoy the piano bar. This is worth it to try.

Cortina, Italy

Cortina Italy
Cortina isn’t just a place that pleases the skiers. Around two hours from Venice, the ski town is surrounded by the Alps, the majestic white. Cortina becomes the most favorite place that annually will attract more than 50,000 on the high point of ski seasons.
Named as one of the most luxurious places for ski enthusiasts, Cortina has more than 25,000 beds in the hotels, or simply you can hit the best chunk or rifugios as a cheaper option. This place needed years to be rebuilt after used by Italian Army camp during World War I. That means, visiting Cortina will bring you back to this era learning about a short history how this place is used to. With the Austrian uniforms, Campy brings you their best guides to bring you reaching the towering mountains.
Talking about skiing, the piste in Cortina is amazingly challenging and of course, there is some space for beginners to enjoy the snow powder. Even, joining the crowd with the aristocrats are so easy that you even don’t need to label yourself with fashion trends. No one’s gonna check that.
If you looking for a good mixture of visitors, this is the place where you will meet Americans, Scandinavians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese or Russians. There is no group of visitors dominate this place.
It is an awesome ski resort to visit with your family and friends with its spectacular Dolomite landscapes. Galleries, upmarket shops, excellent nursery slopes as well as the cuisines are in one package. Nothing can seem to beat this place except the limited challenges for skillful skiers. For people who enjoy the adrenaline experience, Cortina might sound nothing.  With package starting from £1,725 for the best service might be nothing for the wild skiing enthusiasts.

Lech-Zürs, Austria

Lech-Zürs Austria
If you haven’t tested the slope in Lech-Zürs, then people will tell you haven’t skied at all (in Austria). It can be a place to start from among six regions. As it is named as one of the best ski resorts in the World, then this makes sense when Netherlands Royalty and Hollywood visit Lech-Zürs. Even, you can ski across to big areas because it has been connected to Warth-Schrocken. This place is surrounded by 4-5 stars hotels around the Arlberg mountains picturing luxury villages for rich visitors.
As its popularity, Lech-Zürs has the abundant fresh snow that this also becomes the most favorite place for skillful skiers. If you are not so confident to try this, the slopes might be difficult for you.

Megève, France

Megève France
Megève is known best as the town for skiers. The natural snow around the Mont Blanc with 175 snow cannons is best to see throughout the year. Besides, this place is not only best for skiers, but also for you who love hiking. The large area over varieties of slopes which is the difficulties is a little bit intimidating. However, there are areas for beginners and children too.
In the 1920s, Megève became the most popular resorts for the rich and famous people. Located near Swiss and Italian borders. However, today, this is still the most favorite place among affluent that has its own airport and old-fashion charm.
There is an interesting fact about this resort, that people who hate the long line uplift, this is the place. It less crowded, except for the school holidays. Other than that, the area is incredibly quiet.
Besides, Megève is good for all ski levels or snowboarders which you can separate in different zones when your group has varieties of levels. The difficulties on the powder day are not that much except when the intense snowfall. However, the pistes are always groomed. For you who wants to masters the basic, this place is perfect for its quietness that you can do the freestyles.
The budget spending can vary depending on where you start. The Evasion Mont Blanc pass charge around €46 per day or if you go to the  Portes du Mont Blanc pass, this starts from €67. Apart from skiing, there are many things to do from climbing, tennis, bowling or swimming. The shops here are worth of look even though these offer an expensive taste.
So, those are the best ski resorts that worth money. Why don’t book tickets and try to enjoy the next holiday in one of these ski resorts?