4 DIY Home Decor Projects For Meaningful And Fulfilling Summer

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Summer makes you have more free time and it is the best moment to try something meaningful and fulfilling. Well, if you are the enthusiasts of DIY projects or decorations, you want to craft more and more. It is like you are flying to the seventh sky when you can do some stylish decoration by yourself. Well, if you want to welcome the summer for more DIY projects, we have some inspirations below.
Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something you like and embark on a crafting adventure of your own. If you have never tried DIY decorations, I strongly recommend you give these ideas a shot. They are relatively easy to pull off. If you’re looking for more daunting and complex tasks, there’ll be a plethora of them in the links provided.

1. DIY Painting And Framed Decorations

This project named “Quotes on Canvas”. This project is also easy to make even though you have no skills at all for painting. What you need to decide in this project is only one that is your favorite quote. In this project, you will need a can of white paint, painters tape, old newspapers, magazines, spray adhesive, canvas, and vinyl letters.
Step 1: Cut the newspaper pages or rip them apart. It doesn’t matter since the pieces do not need to be small. All you need to do is glue random pages and pictures to the canvas.
Step 2:  When the canvas is completely covered in newspaper or magazines, place your letters so that they spell out the quote you want (make sure the spelling is right because there’s no going back!).
Step 3: Use the sponge brush to apply the white paint all over the canvas and letters. Let it dry.
Step 4: Remove the letters and you’ll have your quote-on-canvas masterpiece.
Here’s the link to the entire project, just in case you want to follow along with the pictures.

2. Glassware projects

This is the creative and useful way to cut the glass bottles by using acetone, a string, and fire. Here are the instructions:
Basically, you submerge a thread of string in acetone, tie it around the part of the bottle you want to cut, set the sting on fire, and start spinning the bottle. Once the string has burned out, dip the bottle in some cold water and the piece will fall off. This method opens up a world of possibilities for wine bottle crafts, so even though I can’t decide on what specific decorations I’m going to make, rest assured that a lot of bottles will be cut this summer.
You can cut out miniature holes in the middle of the bottle, put a candle in it, and make a lantern-like decoration. You can use the bottles to create miniature gardens or even vessels for serving food. Honestly, there are so many possibilities. Here’s a link that explains how to cut glass more detail.

3. DIY Clothes and pillow crafts

If you want to try easy crafts and useful, we think it can be your option. This is a great project especially to do with your kids because you can train your kids to complete the tasks with positive reinforcement.
You will need some light cardboard, some fabric you are no longer using, glue, and some ribbons. Cut the cardboard into either a square or rectangle frame, and then cut an additional piece in the same shape, only a bit smaller. The next thing you should do is apply glue to the frame and wrap the fabric around it. Cut a piece of paper so that it can fit onto a smaller piece of cardboard and write the name of the achievement on it (Chess Champion, for example). Glue the paper on the smaller piece and then glue that piece to the frame. Finally, glue the ribbons on the back of the cardboard. That’s it!
You can find more fabric crafts here, and if you want to see the project I described, follow this link.

4. Furniture projects

This project is more challenging but still, it is simple to build. This suitcase side table is great for you if you have an old suitcase. Asides of the old suitcase, you will also need four wooden table legs, some nails, four wooden square blocks, and 16 post screws.
First, get your four table legs from the same table. If you have a table you are no longer using, just unscrew the legs and reuse them. In order to create a good balance, cut 4 blocks of wood (square-shaped and as identical as possible). Glue the wooden legs onto the blocks and use nails to reinforce the bond.
You will then need to place your new wooden legs at the back of the suitcase, so make sure you measure the distance between them correctly. Drill four holes through the wooden leg base and through the suitcase at the same time. This way, the holes will align perfectly. Next, use screws from the inside of the suitcase so they go through the holes drilled on the wooden base. Finally, use your post screws to seal everything and you’ll have your suitcase table.
Here’s a link for the suitcase table, so that you can see how it should look as you go.
We agree that the projects above are easy to complete and they are not time-consuming. Happy crafting!

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