23 Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Flu and Cold Quickly

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In some seasons, flu or cold might be so brutal! Personally, I don’t really like taking over-the-counter medicines. Instead, I always have homemade cold and flu remedies in hands. The reason is, medicine has side effects and I simply don’t know what goes in the syrups or pills. Just in case you need this, here are some list I usually make.

Garlic Soup

It is not a secret anymore that garlic is the best ingredient to beat the flu and cold. The soup contains 44 garlic cloves. Don’t worry about the taste. It is very subtle with the chicken broth, onions, thyme and others that add more taste. This can be your first trial to sooth the symptoms.
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Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is a must-have item in your house because it can do many things including soothing the flu and cold symptoms. It is less effort and very simple. Pour the cider vinegar in a glass and mix it with cayenne pepper and honey. Honey is a popular agent that can soothe the throat and when you combine it with paper, this combination can be deadly to the cold germs.
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Chicken Noodles Soup

It is very classic! But this will make you feel much better with the warm bowl of chicken noodle soup. With the carrots, egg noodles, celery, chicken broth, and onions, you might start to forget the symptoms.
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Coconut and Orange Smoothie

It is clear that vitamin C is widely used to boost your immune system. But when you combine it with the coconut oil, it adds a delicious taste. These ingredients will help you get rid of germs! This smoothie also consists of ginger to give you warm and this is the best natural pain reliever. You should try this one!
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Try This Flu and Cold Zapper

All of the ingredients made of cayenne pepper, turmeric, lemon, raw, and garlic can help you beat the flu and cold. They have natural agents that can boost your immune system as well as the anti-inflammation too.
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Homemade Anti Bacterial Blend

Your surrounding should be the culprit of the flu and cold. Use this Thieves essential oil blend to eliminate germs this season. You can use it for cleaning the house, for mouthwash or diffuse.
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Homemade Saline Spray

Physicists often recommend the saline spray to beat the cold and flu. It is effective to unblock your stuffy nose and relieves the breathing issues. You can try this D.Y.I version. It is cheaper than things on the counter.
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Immune Boosting Elderberry Jam

Elderberry is one of the best ingredients to enhance your immune system It is not only powerful, but this is very delicious too and easy to make. So, just get prepared before the flu season comes.
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Elderberry Popsicles

Well, kids are the ones who might not enjoy the elderberry. But I am sure the elderberry popsicles will be more interesting. So, when was the last time your kids begged for medicine?
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Elderberry Syrup

This is another form of elderberry. You don’t need to force your kids too to eat it. Add it on the waffles or pancakes. This will be the best morning boost.
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Homemade Gummy Bears

When kids are catching a cold or flu, this might be tricky as sometimes you make them cry for forcing them to take medicine. Now you can make your own gummy bears which contain water, coconut oil, and elderberry syrup.
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Homemade Ginger Tea

Feeling under the weather can ruin your mood. In the morning, you can start your day with homemade ginger tea. It doesn’t only give you the warming feeling, but also the natural pain killer will make you relax. Even the ginger help you a lot with the motion sickness.
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Homemade Vick’s Chest Rub

A decongestant rub is a quick fix for clearing up the nose. Today we can buy it over-the-counter, but actually, you can make on your own which is more natural and safe.
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Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup

Mix the raw honey, lemon juice, and coconut oil. After that adding cinnamon to add more taste. The mixture is powerful to sooth the throat while fighting the germs that cause cough and cold.
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Homemade Cough Drops

Cough in the night is annoying. It causes your lack of sleep and makes you less productive the next day. But you can make the cough drops by mixing coconut oil, cinnamon, and raw honey. After you mix it, pour it into the candy molds then freeze it. It can last for several weeks.
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Soothing Cough Remedies

Another potent cough killer is mixing vinegar, ginger, warm honey, and cayenne pepper. Mix them into a small jar and store it in the fridge. Use it when you need it.
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Immune Booster Tea

If you are a fan of herbal tea, the astragalus root is perfect for boosting your immune system. This is a perfect way to get rid of cold, flu, and cough quickly. Other ingredients to add are ginger, lemongrass, rose hips and ginger root.
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Honey Citrus Syrup

If you are suffering from the sore throat, you need a little help from the Lemon Rosemerry Honey syrup. Mix it in your hot tea before the cold and flu season comes.
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Honey, Ginger, and Lemon

Honey, ginger, and lemon consist of natural anti-bacterial properties that when you combine it, you can get rid of germs quickly. It is easy to make. You can just mix lemons, ginger, and raw honey inside the jar. Store it in the fridge so you can just use it when you need it.
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Warm Echinacea Tea

A drink that contains Echinacea is perfectly good for the body. This contains cayenne pepper, ginger and lemon juice. Adding honey can soothe the troath and while you drink the tea, it feels the water warming your throat.
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Homemade Sage Tea

Sage is something added in the Thanksgiving. But you can also make a soothing sage tea by drying it first and pour hot water and let it steep for few minutes.
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Natural Remedy for Sorethroat

Well you might not realize it that bone broth work well on sore throat. Add ginger, garlic, sea salt, lemon inside the bowl. Enjoy the soothing sentation when drinking this warm
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Turmeric Milk

It is actually an old Indian recipe that contains black peppercorns, ginger, turmeric powder, saffron, ginger, and cardamom. This turmeric milk has been used for a long time to treat toothache, sore throat and cold.
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