19 Basic Garden Tools All Gardeners Must Have

19 Basic Garden Tools All Gardeners Must Have

Garden tools were the antique digging sticks but now gardeners have the choice to go with the highly specialized tools. Even in every season, we always find the latest garden gadgets. Therefore, buying the tools become addictive. So, before you buy any latest garden tools, some basic tools are important to have.

About Garden Tools

About Garden Tools

Even it is about the basic tools for gardening, still, there are various designs and sizes available. It is more than enough to create confusion. Why do you have to deal with so many options?

Well, using the right tool for the right job makes you work more efficient and easier than before. Here are some different tools to find.


Round point – It is great for digging, throwing, and lifting. The pointcuts into the soil.

Square point – It is great for moving materials. Scoop is the larger size.

Garden Spade

Garden spade – It is similar to point shovel. It is great for digging, cutting, edging, and lifting sod.

Drain or trench spade – It comes with the narrow head along with a straighter handle to work in the restricted spaces. It is great for transplanting.

Roofing spade – Even though it is not a garden tool, you can find it in the garden section. The serrated head can rip and lift the roofing shingles.

Note: Spades are the smaller version of the shovel with the flatter blade.

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Leaf rake – It works to move leaves, grass clippings, and other materials. It is made of poly tines or steel with high flexibility to clean yard debris from the grass. It is available in various sizes.

Thatch rake – It is a great choice to scratch into the turf and removes thatch.

Flat garden rake – It is a T-shaped head on the handle to provide extra strength.

Bow garden rake – Its head is attached by two curved steel supports.

Talking about rakes, it uses the concept of the human hand and finger dexterity but on a bigger scale. It is available in many sizes and styles.


Hayfork – It comes with round tines to move a large amount of materials like mulch, hay, brush, and compost.

Spading fork – The flat tines are able to turning the soil, lifting plants or bulbs, and separating perennials. But, if it is about digging in rocky soil, it is better to use a shovel.


Garden variety hoe – It is great for chopping with a square and rectangular blade at the right angle.

Warren hoe – The tool is much better for planting than weeding. It has a V-shaped blade with a functional purpose. First, the pointed end works to dig furrows and second, the open top part works to close the furrows.

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Weeding hoe – The tool has a flat blade on one end. It is great for chopping. The pointed tips are great for pulling weeds.

Action hoe – It is great for weed cutting action with pivots back and forth under the soil. the blade can cut on the push or even pull stroke.

Mortar hoe – A garden hoe with holes to mix mortar and cement products


It is great for scratching the soil to plant or around the plant while growing.  You can choose long handles or hand tools. Gas and electronic models are also available.

Mattock and Pick

Mattock – It has a nice combination of chopping and cutting blades to cut through roots and break up ground.

Pick – The tool offers two pointed ends to hard groundbreaking.

Post Hole Digger

It lets you dig holes deeper with the more precision compared to a shovel.

About Garden Tools

Weed Whacker / Grass Blade

It is also popular as the sling blade. The blade works to cut the small plant materials that can even reach any places mowers can’t.

Bush Axe / Briar Axe / Ditch Blade

It has many names as the formidable tool that works for serious brush removal. The design is like battles ax.


The tool is available in various shapes and styles from half-moon to rectangular. The tool is great for cutting a clean line where the lawn transition occurs like planting bed or a sidewalk.

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Digging / Tamping Bar

It works for serious digging with five feet long. It is from solid metal with the blade that can dig and cut roots. The flat top works as a tamper.

Bulb Planter

As its name, it works for the bulb to dig precise holes. Some of them have a mark in inch gradients to provide exact hole depth. The digging tube works to grab and remove soil. There is also a long-handled version that supports more pressure from the foot.

Trowel / Transplanter

It works to support precision digging in limited space. It also has a narrow blade to install bedding plants.


It is also popular as the dandelion digger that looks similar to the notched screwdriver. It works to penetrate the soil and remove the weed roots deep in the ground.

About Garden Tools

Garden Shears

Anvil shears – The sharp-edged blade is able to cut dead wood and woody stems.

Bypass shears – It cuts tender stems with curved blades to perform cleaner cuts. It is harder to sharpen curved blades in this tool.

Lopper shears – A bypass or anvil pruner with extra leverage from its long handles. The biggest option is able to cut material with diameter of 2 inches.

Pole Pruner – It is great to perform overhead cuts if loppers cannot reach. Pole pruners do upper-tier pruning without climbing or using a ladder. The rope and pulley operate the cutter from the ground level.

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Standard pruning saw – It works in the restricted area. The saw cuts on the pull stroke without using a ladder. The more teeth the saw has, the more precise the cut. For bigger limbs, you will need large-toothed saws.

Bow pruning saw – It performs quick cuts on the large climbs when the cut has been obstructed.

Grass shears – It works to trim around the trees or shrub anytime a string trimmer can cause damage.

Hedge Shears – It works for shaping and trimming shrubs and hedges.

Scissors – It is a sewing basket tool to cut flower stems and strings.


Wheelbarrows work to shovel material in and out and it supports you to perform easy unloading. The trays can be from metal or plastic.

Plastic Yard Carts

With two wheels, the carts offer stability and the front design makes you able to tip out material.


It can protect your hands from some garden chemicals. Therefore, you should invest some money on high-quality gloves.

About Garden Tools

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