15 Unbelievable Ways To Reuse Old Clothing

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Do you have a favorite shirt or a pair of jeans you cannot wear anymore? In some cases, we do not want to throw them away because these are full of memories. It does not a matter. You can do several things below to keep your old clothes useful.

1. T-Shirt Blanket

How many old T-shirts you cannot wear anymore? Well, it is the time to open your dresser and find these old t-shirts. Collecting this t-shirt is great because you can cut them out and make this blanket.

2. T-shirt Pillow Case

After creating the t-shirt blankets, perhaps you still have some remaining clothes you do not want to wear but you do not want to throw them away. It is okay. You can even transform the clothes into beautiful pillowcases as below.

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3. Shirt Coin Purse

If you only want to make DIY project easily that you can do in just a few minutes, try this. What you should do is to take the old shirt and transform it into a purse for a small coin.

4. Shirt Tote Bag

This is the coolest idea and we love it. The idea is so unique that you only need an old shirt and an old tie. After that, use these materials to make a beautiful tote bag.

5. DIY Draft Stopper

Do you want to save more energy in your home? This is what you need. What you should do is to use your old jeans to stop drafts. This Draft stopper is awesome!

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6. Shirt Dress Turn a men’s shirt into a shirt dress.

7. Repurposed Men’s shirt

How about making a pin-tucked tunic for summer?

8.  Hat out of a Sweater Turns an old sweater into a fun winter hat.

9. Long-sleeve Shirt into Wrap Skirt Turns a long sleeve t-shirt into a wrap skirt.

10.  T-shirt Produce Bag Cut up an old t-shirt and use as colorful produce bags.

11. Little girl’s dress Use an old men’s shirt to make a dress for your little girl.

12. Pillowcase Romper Use a vintage pillowcase to create a cute comfy romper for your little one.

13.  Baby sleeping bag Use an old pillowcase to make your baby comfy.

14. Flower accessories Use old shirts, sheets, or pillowcases to create these adorable hair accessories.

15. T-shirt scarf Use old t-shirts to create a scarf.

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