12 Ways to Look Good In Pictures.

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Isn’t it so disappointing when you look and feel like those photogenic Instagram models but when you tell someone to take your picture, it comes out so bad that your confidence shoots down like the stock market? Well, fear not! It’s probably not because you aren’t good enough, but it is definitely because you are not taking a pictures right. Good news is that isn’t something we can’t fix. A few techniques here and there and you’ll feel picture perfect in no time!

1. Stop slouching!

Just stop slouching and fix your posture, and not just in pictures. It won’t only improve your pictures, but it has a lot of other benefits in real life, too. It is hard to believe but your posture says a lot about your personality and when you slouch in your photos, you look uninterested and dull. It even makes your clothes look disproportionate and not as impressive as they could have looked only if you had posed right!

2. A-cute angle.

Find the right camera angle for yourself. Everyone has different angles in which they look good. Usually, it depends on your body and face shape. So if you want to look skinny, the upper angle should fit you better and a lower angle with pop that double chin more but you want to look tall, use the low angle. It also depends on the type of picture you want. If you are going for an aesthetic Tumblr type picture, then a lower angle which captures a lot of clouds in the sky may look great.

3. Throw some shade.

If you are a mom, a student or a workaholic, this tip is for you. When you haven’t properly slept for a whole week and you start looking like an ancestor of the raccoon species, slide on your favorite sunshades and hide the under eye circles for once and for all, instead of spending hours trying to conceal them and failing miserably. They not only conceal your dark secrets (pun intended), but they also look super chic.

4. The better side.

Knowing your “better side” is also very important when taking pictures. For most people, the left side looks more proportional in pictures. Now, even if you have a preferred face profile, don’t just monotonously stick to it in all pictures because you will look the same every time. So, mix it up a little by looking to the left or right as if looking for something. The staring-at-the-ground-pose also looks pretty nice, especially if you have eye makeup on

5. The only negatives you’ll need.

One way to stand out more in pictures is to have a large negative space, which is basically an empty space in your picture which covers a large portion of the image frame, so that the subject (yes, that’s you) looks more prominent. Although, this negative space must be empty and quiet, like a wall or the sky. Of course, if you try to leave a lot of negative space in a picture taken at Times square, it will be hard to find the subject in all that commotion.

6. Its lit!

Lighting is everything in a picture! The position of the sun and the indoor lighting affects the photos more than you think. At noon, the sun is at the top, so if you take a photo at that time, you will have shadows under your eyes, nose and lips making you look very unpleasant and weird. The best time to take pictures outside is at the golden hour, which is just before sunset and after sunrise. The glow you get on your face at that time is incomparable

7. Fake it till you make it.

Don’t always stand in front of the camera with your arms by your sides and eyes at the camera. Sometimes, you have to be doing your own thing when somebody takes your picture. Now, if you are lucky enough to have people who capture your candid moments, then perfect. Otherwise, you must fake it till you make it. Walking towards or away from the camera, fake conversing with a friend or laugh, even when you can’t find a reason to. Try to be as natural as possible.

8. I like to move it.

It’s always better to have to have some movement in your pictures. This way they look more alive and tell a story. Of course, you need to make sure that you have checked the camera settings and reduced the shutter speed, so that it captures the movement, instead of just catching a blur. You can also use “burst shots” mode in your camera and twirl. So that it takes multiple pictures that you can choose from.

9. To deceive is to believe.

Deception is unfortunately and fortunately very easy in pictures. It is all in the angles. You can look thin, thick, tall or short just by moving the camera around and playing with the lighting. You can also deceive by standing a little forward or backward to look bigger and smaller respectively. Also, if you stand on your toes, your legs will look tall and slender. Other ways of deception can be through photo editing tools, which opens up limitless possibilities

10. Be extra.

You can make pictures look different every time by using a prop or accessory that stands out in the picture, such as a very big hat or a pet. This gives every picture a unique essence of its own and gives you something to do while your picture is being taken, thus making the awkward posing part easy. Your interaction with the object will probably make the candid posing easy too.

11. Face it…or don’t.

If you happen to be at a place that is picture perfect but you aren’t ready or look too tired, you can hide your face in the picture without making it too obvious. This can be done my either facing away from the camera or by covering your face with your hands and making it seem like you are laughing or by extending your hand and making a sign with it ( a peace sign, for example) so that the camera focuses on your hand and the background goes blurry, hence hiding your imperfections.

12. No such thing as too much pictures.

Don’t just take one picture of yourself, instead, tell whoever is taking your pictures to take multiple ones and do slight movements in each picture, with your face and legs, so that if at one place your face looks too broad, maybe it looks better in the next picture. It may seem silly but even the slightest movement of your legs can make you go from being a human to a flamingo in no time. Doing this effort is better than regretting that you didn’t take more pictures when you could.
Remember, all pictures are good or bad, depending upon how you look at them. However, the tips and tricks above may seem to be beneficial to you for taking the perfect picture to impress all your fans on your social media handles. Today, your face is not about how pretty you are, but how camera friendly it is.