11 Superfoods That Can Boost Your Mood

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Some of you might experience terrible mood swing. No matter what the causes are, you still can lift your spirit with some food! Yes, but not junk food. There are certain foods that contain anti-depressant properties so this can give you some happy feeling and relaxation at the same time. Just in case you are suffering from bad experience that disturbs your mood, the following will list should be in the kitchen soon.

Dark Chocolate

It is proven in many studies that dark chocolates that have a high concentration of cacao will increase the memory. It even improves your stress levels, mood, inflammation, and also immunity. According to research presented in Experimental Biology 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego, dark chocolate with a minimum 70% cacao will improve the endocrine, cognitive and cardiovascular health.
Even people consider the dark chocolate is the next superfood for body and brain. Keep in mind to pick the right chocolate and avoid the one with sweetened sugar. You can consume it regularly to pump your cardiovascular system, sharpen your mind and also calm your mood. Now you can stay happy!

Greek Yogurt Greek

Yogurt is another friendly food you can eat when you have a mood swing. Even it is believed can treat depression as it is proven in a recent study. The researcher from the University of Virginia School of Medicine found that Lactobacillus in yogurt reserved depressive behavior in mice.
The researcher believed there is hope for humanity to have the same effect. It would be the best thing if we can change our food to change the mood. In a recent study conducted in 2014, the probiotic had a significant role in boosting the friendly gut bacteria which this reduced the stress and anxiety in adults.


Virgin coconut oil has been used widely. People use it as cosmetic or even for cooking. Of course, this due to health reasons. It can be the source of nutrient for your body. You can consume the water or its fruit.
The coconut water is juicy, especially the green coconut that contains 94% water with little fat inside. There is a good assumption related coconut which it contains antioxidant properties. The free radicals inside the body will cause hormone imbalance resulting stress. This is why tropical food will give you a relaxing sensation as you drink it. Whether you drink the green coconut or simply use the coconut milk for cake or cooking, you will love it.


The superfood has been used for centuries due to its beneficial properties. One of them is antioxidants that also include phenolic compounds such as flavonoids and organic acids. This combination helps the body fight free radicals that change the immune balance. As a result, honey often improves stress and prevent another serious disease like strokes, heart attacks, and even cancer.


Never skip eggs for brunch! Yes, it sounds weird with the fact that fat is essential for a healthy diet. Many experts suggest keeping healthy fat to maintain your mental health. You can add the healthy fat in your diet with 3 tbs of olive oil and egg yolks every day to lower depression and anxiety.

Cherry Tomatoes

There is a good reason why you should eat cherry tomatoes. It is because these vegetables are good at treating depression.
The tomatoes are rich in lycopene, known as the antioxidant that will fight against the damage cells. As we mentioned many times in these articles, foods that are rich in antioxidant can improve stress and boost the mood. So, why don’t you add cherry tomatoes in your diet?


It is not a secret that muscles can improve your mood due to its vitamins and minerals. Combine it with wine and garlic can add more taste to relieve your stress. This muscle has a lot of vitamin B-12 which is really good for your mood.

Swiss Chard

The green veggie collabs on giving tremendous nutritional value. It contains folic acid that gives a positive impact on mental health. This folic acid will act as the antidepressant by helping the brain control the serotonin so it works properly. Besides, vitamin K, iron, potassium and other nutrients in the Swiss chard is good for your body.


Who knew if this juicy fruit can lift your mood dramatically. The watermelon has an amino acid and citrulline that will improve the blood flow by opening blood vessels. Better blood flow will improve your brain performance so you gain perspective on your problem. Besides, it is a water-rich fruit that is good for your digest system.