10 Wonderful Backpacking Trips On This Planet

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Have a plan to trek around the world?

Well, it is unforgettable to have a quick overnight in the local park, but you worth to find more backpacking trips especially around the world. If you wonder about the world with the stunning backcountry, we think it is interesting to explore more areas in each country. The key points are to go with your right plan, experience, and budget. If you wonder what are the best places you should add to your hiking list, here are the adventures.

1. Salkantay Trek Machu Picchu (Peru)

To explore Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, it is good to plan for five days trip. You will get a lot of things such as the Quechuan culture, the 12477 feet of the elevation gain for the starting point to the Salkantay Pass at 15090 feet.
The history, the culture, and everything in Machu Picchu make it interesting to explore.
Pack list:
Backpacking essentials, trekking poles, bug spray, sunglasses, and good trail shoes
The total distance is 44.5 miles for beginner to visit in spring, summer, or autumn. The point-to-point trail makes it good for a beginner. Camping, backpacking, hiking, and photography are great things to do!

2. The Great Wall of China

You can even stay with the local villagers. After that, it is great t explore the wall alone. Even if this is a less popular trip just like the Salkantay route to Machu Picchu, but the experience is everything for you.
Pack list:
Day pack, 2-liter water, sturdy shoes, camera and tripod, backpacking gear (rent a tent is possible)
With 3.1 miles and 1968.5 feet of elevation gain, the area is good for hiking, backpacking, photography, camping, and chilling. Even intermediate hikers are possible to hike here in any season.

3. The Routeburn Track In New Zealand

It is one of the nine Great Walks in New Zealand. It provides everything such as beautiful scenery, a challenging trek, a roof at the end of the day, as well. You have some options for sleeping in huts.
Pack list:
Sleeping bag, cookware (don’t need to bring stoves), warm layers for weather change, camera, tripod, booking confirmation
At 12.5 miles of distance and point-to-point trail, a beginner can even try to visit this area for photography, backpacking, hiking, and camping. The best time to visit this spot is in spring, summer, and autumn.

4. The “O” Circuit From Torres Del Paine, Chile

We admit that this is the most iconic trip on the list because the towers of the Cordillera Paine are the highlight. The good reason is that the trek is popular and recognizable.
Pack list:
Tent (a tent that can deal with the high wind), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, dry bags, camp stove, extra stove gas, 9 days of meals and snacks, water bottles, breathable base-layers, wind or rain pants and jacket, warm layer, warm jacket, sun hat, sunglasses, warm hand, gloves, hiking poles, map, extra cash, return bus ticket, camera, and camp shoes
3900 feet of elevation gain along with 70 miles of distance make the area is great for photography, camping, backpacking, and hiking. The area also welcomes intermediate hikers with the loop trail. Best time to visit the area is in summer.

5. Everest Base Camp In Nepal

The adventure in this destination is unforgettable and the cultural experience is the additional reward. Hiking in this spot also makes you create beautiful stories with the serious trek.
Pack list:
Inner layers, outer layers, backpacking gear, electronics, first aid, novel, journal, dairy milk bars, tea, toiletries, documents
Note: this trip is for advanced hikers only.

6. The John Muir Trail In California

Have you already explored the Sierra Nevada? We wish that you can stay there for weeks because it is a great opportunity. You should hike to some beautiful alpine icons in California, such as Half Dome and Mt. Whitney. If you have a solid preparation, it is worth to try this adventure.
Pack list:
Permits, toiletries, photography gear, food, journal and pen, 10 hiking essentials, hand sanitizer, book.

7. The Tour du Mont Blanc in France, Italy, and Switzerland

If you love to enjoy a cup of espresso, fresh bread, and cheese, or even unforgettable dinner, we recommend you to spend your overnight in the most gorgeous mountains in the world in this trip.
Pack list:
TMB Guidebook, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad or mat, tent, tent rope lines, chocos/crocs, wood socks, base layer, insulating layer, rain gear, hiking pants or shorts, cap or hat, towel, sunglasses, water bottle, first aid, rain cover for pack, toiletries, cell phone, camera, phone charger, euro-power converter, headlamp, passport, Euros or Swiss francs, trekking poles, sunblock, moleskin, sleeping bag liner, and small pillow.

8. The West Highland Way In Scotland

The Scottish Highlands do not offer towering peaks or epic mountains. It is all about the charm and the magical views that will change each day on the trek.
Pack list:
Sleeping bag, hiking snacks, good boots, waterproof jacket and pants, pad, lots of water or water filter
The area is good for beginner hiker to do survival, photography, camping, running, hiking, and backpacking. Best time to visit is in spring, autumn, and summer.

9. The Na Pali Coast In Hawaii

Located on the north shore of the Kauai, The Kalalau Trail offers the remote and rugged trip of the Hawaiian Islands. The hike will remind you to the movie of Jurassic Park. The trail winds, the lush green forest, the rocky cliff, and the tropical flora make it the best. Other rewards are the quiet valley and the sandy beach.
Pack list:
Kalalau beach permit, backpack or dry sack, water and water filter or tablets, backpacking stove, tent with rainfly, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, hammock, backpacking foods, and snacks, beach sandals, lightweight shoes, raincoat or rain gear, swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, lots of bug spray, fresh guava
22 miles and 900 feet of elevation gain with the out-and-back trail in this spot makes it perfect to visit in summer, winter, and autumn. The area is good for intermediate hikers to try camping, backpacking, hiking, and photography.

10. Mount Assiniboine In Canada

Visit this place in any season and you can feel that the rocks in Canada are quite hard to beat. You will hike through the fields of the alpine wildflower, blue lakes, and other stunning sceneries. Always remember to bring bear spray and don’t test yourself to hike alone!
Pack list:
Bear spray, hiking boots, water filter, camping gear, tent, food, sleeping bag, bug spray, and camera
Explore 34.6 miles of distance and 3494.1 feet of elevation gain for camping, chilling, photography, backpacking, hiking, and swimming. Visit the spot in summer or spring and enjoy the point-to-point trail, even for the intermediate hikers!

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