10 Ways To Exercise Your Dog On a Rainy Day

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The bad weather forces you and your dog spend more time and stuck indoors. At that time, if the weather is good, you always bring your dogs out to do some exercising options. You have tried to cuddle on the couch with your dog while watching TV. But, are you sure that the problem has been solved? In fact, exercising is the basic needs of your dog. It should be a serious concern for all dog owners. Your dog needs his daily exercise and cuddles marathon just cannot cover it.
In fact, there are many ways to do such as the interesting games and activities to keep your dog active indoors. You can do the options below instead to go out on a rainy day for exercising.
Find The Treats

Find The Treats

It is a fun nose work game for your dog. It helps him to keep him active at home. The game is simple to play. Take your dog’s attention and ask him to hint his yummy treats.

Tug of War

It is one of the most popular games dogs love to play and you can play for this game with your dog. Tug of War offers both physical and mental challenge for your dog. You do not have to play it in a special room. You can play it at home with your dog.
To play this game, you will need a tug toy and try to get your dog’s attention. You can make DIY tug toy from old fleece, towels, or shirts.

Kong Stuffing

If you seek for the best thing that can entertain your dog on the rainy dog, stuffed Kongs can be the right choice. You can prepare it easily and have the frozen one to keep your dog busy for about a half hour. You can make it from some peanut butter or low sodium broth with veggies and freeze it overnight.

Chasing Bubbles

It is fun to see your dogs busy on rainy days. Chasing bubbles are a simple way to keep your dog happy while exercising and entertaining. You can even buy bubbles for dogs.
Chasing Bubbles

Indoor Agility

This is a fun way to train and exercise your dog on rainy days. It does not use any fancy equipment. You can even create your indoor obstacle course with the household items like towels, boxes, and brooms. For other items, you can have your dog jump over the broomstick.
About playing this game, it is better to use your imagination and then set obstacles so your dog has to deal with it. Once your dog learned how to jump over the broomstick, you can then move on the towel. Building the prior tricks will help them keep their mentally properly since it encourages focus.

Free Shaping

The rainy days should not discourage you not to exercise your dog since the rain is so heavy outside. You can have fun with your dog to exercise at home by doing free shaping for example. Shaping means the act of building up the particular behavior by using a series of small steps to achieve it. Shaping games can encourage your dog to have his own decisions and to try for something new.
At this point, of course, the came can be a great way to stimulate your dogs mentally and to help him develop the new learning behaviors. If you have no idea about the game, you can go and find the videos to explain the basic exercise of free shaping with your dog.

Indoor Fetch

This is another indoor game that can keep your dog active even though on rainy days. You can play in the basement. To start this game, it is better to use lightweight toys so it does not damage anything at home. Besides, you should not use heavy toys that can damage some fragile materials at home.

Trick Training

It is another fun way on how to exercise your dog on a rainy day. This is the old-fashioned trick training that is still good to try. If your dog is a bit rusty, you can even brush up on the basic commands like come here, lay down, stay, and sit.
If you want the more advanced tricks, you can teach your dog to weave through his leg. Besides, it is great to help your dog and train him to pick up his own toys.
In addition, you can teach your dog some around your house like fetching you your slippers. Teach your dog first on how to fetch.
Trick Training

Puzzle Toys

It is another simple way on how to keep your dog busy on rainy days. In addition, puzzle toys can stimulate them mentally and the toys are easy to make your dog entertained. It is a good way to stimulate his mind to take decisions.

Hide & Seek

This is a fun game to keep your dogs active in the rainy days. It is one of the most favorite games for most dogs. It does not a big deal if your dog has no good stay command down. You can involve your friend to distract your dog so you can run and hide. It is amazing to see your dog startled because you disappeared and he has to find you around the rooms in the house.
Those are all things you should know when it comes to the best ways on how to exercise your dog on a rainy day. When it comes to exercising your dog, it is important to note that it is their basic needs. It is the part of your obligation when it comes to exercise your dogs. Do not let rainy days stop your dog to support his well-being. Rainy days should not discourage you to stop his activity for a while. The benefits of exercising for dogs are quite many especially to establish his physical and mental fitness. If you love your dog that much, you should do anything to give this basic need.
Hide & Seek