10 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Organize A Kitchen

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Kitchen, for many families, is not the place for cooking. They also use it as the entertaining and eating area. If you have the same thinking, it means that the cleanliness of your kitchen is the prior. You want to use the space for gathering with families. What will you do if you have a small kitchen? Of course, you need the space so you try to add kitchen nook but it does not support the gathering time. Otherwise, you can remodel but you spend a lot of money.
In this post, we are going to help you to provide more ideas on how to maximize the space in your kitchen so your kitchen is well-organized. Storage is the matter, here. Besides, you can try the secrets below on how to clean your kitchen easily and quickly.

1. Spices And Herbs

Spices and herbs are so important especially if you want to cook and these things take up a lot of space. Therefore, it is good to add a spice rack mounted on inside of your cabinet door. This is good to make the spices organized.

2. Magnets

Are you using your cabinet doors for some other clever way to give yourself additional storage? If so, you can still organize your spices in a clever way by making use of magnets. You can also use magnets for storing knives so that you don’t have to use a knife block… just make sure you use a strong enough magnet so that your kitchen doesn’t rain knives.

3. Magazine Holders

Eventually, it is good to create freezer shelves from magazine holders. What you should do is to take some magazine holders.

4. The Cutting Board

Use the counter space and add an over the sink cutting board to make you able to save the cabinet space. The board will also prevent fruit peels, juices, and vegetable bits that you are slicing. You can even clean the area easily with food prep. Best of all, you can hide the dirty washes.

5. Labeling

Organize your kitchen by adding labels. Put the labels on the top of jars and store them in the drawer so guesswork knows the container you want.

6. More Storage

Cabinet and drawer space can come at a premium, especially when working with a small kitchen, but fear not! When you’ve run out of room in your available cabinets and drawers, just create some more. Thankfully, this DIY tutorial can help you make use of those un-openable drawers that are beneath your sink. Additionally, you can build toe-kick drawers under your base cabinets.

7. Pots and Pans

Provide your kitchen with more cabinet space once you hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils from the ceiling. Besides, the attractive overhead rack will make your kitchen has a stylish decoration.

8. Store Lids With A Curtain Rod

A very simple solution that helps you organize your pot lids from Instructables.

9. A Kitchen Tablet

Do you have an old tablet that you rarely use? If so, why not turn it into a dedicated kitchen tablet so that you can get rid of paper clutter like the calendar on the fridge, the cookbooks in the cabinets, and the recipes that are scattered all along the countertops. Digitizing the paper clutter is a great way to save some kitchen space.

10. Roll Out Pantry

If you have some unused space between your refrigerator and the wall, you might want to make use of it with a roll-out pantry to store canned and boxed goods vertically.


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