10 Unbelievable DIY Ideas You Can Make From Old CDs

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We love music and therefore, we have many CDs at home. But now, we can listen to music anywhere and almost every day even without using CDs. With the concern of the waste, there are many innovators try to make some crafts from CDs and the results are always astonishing. So, if you have many old CDs at home, and you think that you want to get rid of this item out of your storage, we have the best solution to offer as below.

1. Make Bird Bath

We are sure that it will be the best addition to complete your garden while saving more lives of birds outside.

2. Try To Have Shiny Shoes

Say goodbye to your old bland boots. Now, you have beautiful and shiny shoes with the pieces of CDs.

3. Driveway Reflector

Want to help more people to drive safely? Try this and you can help more people as they pass the road.

4. Guitar Pick

Do you have some guitars at home?
What about using your old favorite CD into the guitar picks and sing any song!

5. Trippy Lamp

We are sure that this is a creative way to use your old CDs. This DIY project even does not need a work hard.

6. Ice Scraper

Do you want to reuse your old CDs without any power tools? Try this!

7. Candle Holder

Why do not you try now instead of staring at this photo?

8. Fridge Decor

I am sure that now you are ready to grab your old CDs!

9. Storage

Don’t you fall in love with this project?

10. Mosaic Table

Do you have an old table in your home? Do not throw it, cover the ugly tabletop with CDs.


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