10 Things a Dog Sitter Should Know About My Dog

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It is great for your dog to have a default dog sitter like your dad, or your family member. When you decide to hire someone else, you should let your new dog sitter to know about your dog, such as his habits and quirks. So, before you find a dog sitter to us, keep in mind that you should never leave this list.

Dogs May Afraid Of Their Own Farts

Not all dogs feel fine with their own farts. In this case, our dog is afraid of his own farts. Every time he farts, it startles him like he jumps up, sniffs his butt, cries, and even looks confused. Later, he will be fine and settle right back into whatever he has been doing.

Dogs Sometimes Are A Good Liar

He may become a good liar going outside. If you happen to miss one of his scheduled walks, it is better to design play times. Or, if the dog thinks that you do not give him enough attention today, he will whine at the door. Next time if you want to adopt a dog, make sure that you learn well about the difference between his boredom and his willing to go to pee.
Dogs Sometimes Are A Good Liar

Dogs Love Human Bed

Dogs also love to find a human bed and they do not want to leave from there. It is not surprising that they become your boss directly. It goes the same when it comes to our dog. You don’t have to let him on the furniture and he is fine. But, if he finds a nice and comfortable bed to lie on, he will play dead when you ask him to leave or to get down. If you go to reach for him just to get him down, he will only run to the other side of the bed as the form of his protest. Anyway, he can do this for hours.
Dogs Love Human Bed

Dogs Act Cute When They Need Attention

What does your dog do if he needs attention? It is possible for dogs to pest your house guests just to get the attention. Well, you may think that your dog has been trained to become polite to people, entering his behavior right after they are settled. We can say it is relentless. Your dog may do something like nudging his hands, bring toys, and whine. If you want to ask her to lie down, she will. But if you ignore him again, he will start it again.

Dogs Can Pretend They Are Fine

Can you believe that our dog falls asleep sitting up all the day long. He acts like a cranky child and say that he is not tired when you ask him to take a nap. It is funny to see a dog falls asleep sitting up in the chairs, on the couch, leaning on the window, and pretend that he is fine.

When Dogs Do Not Want To Eat

He does not want to eat until you have finished your food. He would never touch his food even though you will not bother putting his food down. It is hard to ignore when he wait nearby and start at you while you are eating. Doing this makes him always become the winner.

Dogs May Have Some Vocalizations

It is amazing that dogs have some vocalizations. Even your dog is possible to have more than 700 vocalizations so do not be startled. Your dog is possible to be like people who yawn and sneeze loudly. He does not able to do everything quietly. He can whine if you stop petting him, he can howl in his sleep, and even playfully growls when he shoves a toy into your hand.

When Others Touch Their Tails

He loves to do anything and go anywhere, but he cannot tolerate anyone who touches his tail. You can pet him anywhere but not the tail. Touching the tail makes him immediately leap up and chase you.

Dogs Love To Get Off Leash

He will run out if he finds any mud puddles. Generally, he is pretty good on the leash. But, if he sees water or mud around him, he wants anyone to pull it off.
Being hosed off is the part of what he loves. If he happens to leap into any mud paddles or ponds, he doesn’t mind to become hosed off and he will love it. Therefore, you must be careful with your though. If you ask him if she would like to take a bath, he will sulk and keep those spirits high by asking do you want the hose.
Dogs Love To Get Off Leash

Why Living With A Dog Is Interesting

Well, living with a dog is always interesting. You cannot imagine that the best room for them is any room as long as you are there. It is like they can be the winner if they can go under your desk or in your lap. Even when you are not around, they have no ideas what thing to do that makes them spend more time to sleep. It is different if you are around them. They would love to run around you and even play together. Anything you want to eat is not going easier if you have dogs. They always stare at you and you always have to do some commands like sit or no beg. It is like it is much better to seat in your car and park it in the garage to enjoy your meals.
Why Living With A Dog Is Interesting
If you allow them to go on your bed, we are sure that they will take your pillows. Well, dogs love to sleep on a pillow and if it is yours, it will be their most favorite pillow. The incredible part of dogs is that they can hold their time so they can pee in your living room no matter how long you walk or hike with them. It is hilarious and it makes you wonder why they hold it until they get back to home.
Well, dogs are so cute and lovable that we are sure they can be a handful. So, do you have a dog? What can you learn from your dog to see his world? Or, are you a dog sitter? What is the most interesting story you have experienced in your job? Tell us and leave your comments.