10 Theories On Alien Existence From The Experts in Science and Technology You Must Hear

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Perhaps, you have a big question on your mind, like, are we alone in this universe? Surprisingly, many popular scientists have had this same question. It is interesting to hear about how they build their theory. Is it possible to see the future with intelligent life?

10. Julian Assange

Well, he is not a scientist or a technologist. You may think that they are idiots. In fact, Assange worked as a computer programmer also a hacker. But, before you are talking more about these idiots, we think he is the best person when it comes to government secrets. For example, UFOs or any alien existence governments try to hide to us.
Assange also the editor of WikiLeaks. If we are talking about the military information and all leaks there, the right person to blame is Assange. When many people started asking him whether the government have had the secret about UFO and alien information, he answered no. If you search about the reference to UFOs on the WikiLeaks, you may find the Raelians, the UFO cult from Canada.
To Assange, it is something crazy to believe UFOs or 9/11 “Truth” movement because he argued these were the conspiracy theories. These things would only lead to mass fraud or war.

9. Richard Feynman

If you wonder about the person who developed the atomic bomb in World War II, Richard Feynman was the person. He is the physicist contributed in this history. Besides, he was a good helper for everything about physics like books and TV shows to provide informative and funny information.
He was very open when it comes to the possibility of alien and other things out of our universe simply because there were no proofs at all to deny the absence of alien. He doubted about the flying saucers.

8. Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has a good relationship with WikiLeaks and of course, Assange. Nevertheless, they were not related. They just shared the similarities since their job is related to massive information leaks. Snowden was a computer technician. He was working for the CIA and then becoming the subcontractor of NSA. During his work, he revealed that the NSA was spying the citizens. He also informed that NSA watching some technology corporations like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft and NSA was not alone. Other institutions also have done this spying activity such as Government Communications Headquarters. After revealing this information, many people blamed him as a traitor.
In fact, he did not release any information about aliens. But, Snowden still believed that alien life is possible, but we could not communicate with them, due to encryption. Encrypting any information can make you difficult to find alien. Alien cannot reach the Earth because the fewer signals to catch.

7. Ellen Stofan

She is a scientist and maybe, you never heard her name before. She has been working as the Chief Scientist in NASA since 2013. Also, she is so optimistic when it comes to the alien. Eventually, she stated that by 2025, it is possible to find the strong indications of alien. It can take two to three decades more to gain proof. It is because she explained that NASA has been implementing the new technology to do this search. She also added that if there were no alien life, it would be the microbes.

6. Albert Einstein

He is popular because he is a genius. But, do you think he believes alien? A reporter from the Daily Mail asked him in 1920. The question was about life in the universe. Then, he asked back about the reason why Earth is the only place to support human life. He believed that it is possible if the universe has another life. Einstein even explained that if any alien life were out of the universe, they would contact us by using the light rays because the lights are easier to control.
From his words, space has interstellar, dust, and cosmic. When the dust blocked the shorter-wavelength light, the radio waves could pass through it easily. Surprisingly, Einstein made this prediction in 1920. At that time, no scientists had known about that.
Therefore, teams have been built to try his method known as the Optical SETI. This is a popular program to contact the alien by using the light beams. This research took place at Harvard.

5. Nikola Tesla

One of the most popular scientists and he believed that alien did exist. Mars could be the best place for these creatures. Also, Tesla believed that there should be a way to communicate with these creatures. Back in 1901, it was the first time for Tesla to start finding more about this belief. It was an ambitious goal because, at that time, it was at the beginning of the 20th century. The scientist just started with the home telephones.
In 1899, he started his plan with a power station to provide cheap energy to a thousand people without using wires. Therefore, he thought this is a similar technology to contact other planets. How he did his plan to contact Mars was not clear. Even though he tried to explain about this plan in an article, he could not tell some specific details.
Even though people believed that what he was saying was incorrect, his awareness about using the radio waves helped the inter-planet communication was high. In 1901, he then received the uncommon radio signal he thought it was from Mars. The signal was unclear but it made him thought that it was from alien life.

4. Bill Nyle

Since there are many stars and planets outside of the solar system, Bill Nyle assumed that there should be another life there. But, his reason became his biggest problem to search for any extraterrestrial life. The universe is so wide that it is difficult to begin the research.
He believes that the most possible place to find another life in Europa. Europa is one of many moons of Jupiter. Galileo Galilei discovered Jupiter, one of the first four moons back in 1610 which was popular as Galilean Satellites. So, Europa is the smallest and the most promising place since it offers twice the amount of seawater as our planet. The question is that Europa is quite far away from the sun with the icy surface and the depth is 10-30 miles.

3.Neil deGrasse Tyson

He is the host of the new Cosmos and NOVA and he has a big hope that we can find alien life in the next 50 years. He thought that this finding can be the best way to increase the field of biology. It is because the discovery will help us know what the exact thing that can make a thing alive. This is also a good way to open the spectrum of life.
He added that it is possible if alien has sent any message to human but we could not understand the message. He explained that it can be like the interaction between human and chimpanzees. These creatures shared 98.8% of the similar DNAs but we have different intellectual.

2. Carl Sagan

He is an astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist. He published one fiction book during his life known as Contact. This book was filmed in 1998. He believes that there are many molecules of life almost everywhere, even billions. It is surprising for him to hear that there is no extraterrestrial intelligence. But, there is no evidence for the presence, yet.

1. Stephen Hawking

It is clear that Stephen Hawking is one of the theoretical physicists and cosmologists who believed for the presence of an alien. His reason is based on humanity’s history. Humans have more tendencies to kill off any species. It is possible if in another planet there are any advanced alien species like us.

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