10 Supreme Celestial Beings in the Marvel Universe

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The beginning of the story about Marvel Universe was about the one omnipotent being. He was the one who created the universe. The Big Bang was then followed by the existence of celestial beings. The universe started to split off into the multiple universes. Now, it is not something too much to call Marvel Multiverse. Here, we are talking about the multiple copies of these beings. Also, the versions of their story were all about the published comic series. In this post, you are going to see the 10 gods and the celestial beings rein over the multiverse.

10. The Celestials

The celestials are tall creatures, wear robot and they look like armor. They came into existence with their height about 2,000-foot. They are the very first race of living beings after the creation of the universe, the Big Bang.
In addition, they have an important role as the first generation that will lead to human evolution. They are also constantly experimenting to make more improvements on mankind such as the X-gene as the mutant with X-Men’s power.

9. Uatu, The Watcher

Another race after the Bing Bang is the Watchers. They are as powerful as the Celestials. These two races have existed since billion of years. The Watchers have the strict rule not to destroy the universe, but to observe the life in there for gathering data. But, Uatu, one of the Watchers broke the role. He had been watching over the Earth, humans and their issues. After breaking the rules, Uatu was exiled from the Watchers. Therefore, he makes a new home far away on the moon and he becomes a middleman between the Celestial beings and superheroes.

 8. The Phoenix Force

This is all about the force of passion and life in the energy over the multiverse. Therefore, there is no true physical form for that. But, it shows in the comics in the shape of a phoenix from a flame. The Phoenix Force is about the guardian of all creation. It then guards the powerful of M’Kraan Crystal.
Commonly, the Phoenix Force does not make any interaction with the living things but it becomes the guardian of the X-Men character, Jean Grey. Jean had a sad childhood’s story. Her best friend was killed because of a car accident. Therefore, Jean used her telepathic powers to bring her back to life. This attempt then attracted The Phoenix Force.

7. Galactus The Devourer

Galactus The Devourer has “The Power Cosmic”. This power allows him to survive anything even though the universe is about to end. But, he has to maintain his power level so he consumes the entire planets for sustenance.
This celestial being has appeared in the Avengers and the Fantastic Four comic books. Also, he appears in a movie, Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007.

6. Master Order and Lord Chaos

Master Order and Lord Chaos are two cosmic entities. They had been created at the beginning of the universe. Both of them have a power that can cause order and chaos. But, they do not fight with each other even though they are on the polar opposite ends of the existence. Master Order and Lord Chaos, they fight together with the Living Tribunal and Galactus.

5. Eon

He is the Cosmic Custodian of the universe. His role is to make sure that all planets work properly to maintain life. Also, he is the one to blame if there are any world’s phenomena humans cannot explain. Eon then chose Captain Marvel as the protector of the universe. Then, Captain Marvel becomes the only superheroes who are strong enough to defeat Thanos.

4. Cyttorak

Cyttorak is the first reason how Juggernaut was so powerful if you saw the Deadpool 2. Cyttorak is known as a demon and he was worshiped by humans and he was banished from Earth. Cyttorak is one of the eight popular supreme beings called the Octessense. Each of them crafted a totem to imbue anyone who found it with the immense power. The owner of the totem would be called as an Examplar. So, there would be eight Examplars and each of them had a powerful gem to lead the immense war with the Earth. That is why Juggernaut is so powerful and bloodthirsty.

3. Eternity and Infinity

There are twin beings and the part of the Universe. They first showed in Marvel Comics in 1965. They were one of the most powerful cosmic beings but in each of the Marvel multiverses. But, they have no physical body so they take the physical form when they intend to communicate with the Marvel characters. After that, Eternity created the Infinity stones. Anyone who holds the gauntlet will have the power to control the universe. It means that in the next movie of Avengers, Thanos probably will overtake the eternity.

2. The Living Tribunal

All about the living tribunal appeared for the first time in the Dr. Strange Comics in the 1960s. The purpose is to balance the magical energy in the multiverse. It is a floating head with three faces that are the signs of equity, revenge, and necessity. He becomes the judge of the universe. Justice is about all the three faces agree.

1. The One-Above-All

This celestial being is omnipresent and omnipotent. He can see all, know all, and he can change anything across the dimension in the universe. It means that it is the most powerful character. He is also able to create many other gods as well as cosmic entities.
We can say he is a God to make sure that the power in the multiverse is a balance. All existence will not lead to chaos.