10 Spectacular Places To Hike In Delaware

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Delaware is a small state with wonderful landscapes to explore. Here are our spectacular 10 picks for the awesome hikes if you plan to head to Delaware!

1. Gordons Pond Trail

There are so many rare ecosystems to find in this trail. This is the reason why you should choose this trail as the most favorite adventure on our list. It takes 3.2 miles but you will love the maritime forests including the loblolly pines, elevated boardwalk, wetland, wildlife, and wonderful Atlantic beach.
Pack list:
Bike, biking shoes, water, hat or sunglasses, camera, binoculars (for bird watching), admission fee to the Cape Henlopen State Park
The site is great for beginner to visit in any season. You can do some activities such as fitness, hiking, running, photography, and cycling.

2. Junction Breakwater Trail

The trail offers 5.8 miles of distance that connects the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. The trail is so popular for tourists and locals that will make you explore the old Penn Central Rail Line with beautiful marshes, forests, and farmland.
Pack list:
Bike, water, and camera
5.8 miles of distance is great for cycling. A beginner should visit this location in any season.

3. Bombay Hook Boardwalk Trail

As one of the biggest expense of the tidal salt marsh in the mid-Atlantic, the area offers some good locations for birding, hiking, as well as photography. There are several trails available in the refuge but you can enjoy the short and the stunning boardwalk trail for 0.25 miles of distance. You can follow the elevated boardwalk, forest, and marsh as well as the views of the wetlands.
Pack list:
The vehicle for driving loop, bug spray, good walking shoes, camera, binoculars, water, and admission fee
12 miles of distance is great for hiking and photography in any season. The place is also great for a beginner.

4. Walking Dunes Trail

We think this trail is hidden, located in the Cape Henlopen State Park. It makes you feel like someone has transported you in the middle of a desert even if you can hear the ocean. The loop trail with 2.6 miles of distance will make you enjoy the wooded maritime forests, open sand dunes, and salt marsh wetland.
Pack list:
Comfortable shoes for hiking in open sand, water, sunscreen, sunglasses or hat, camera, entrance free to the Cape Henlopen State Park.

5. Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

Head to Northern Delaware for your tour and you can find this trail with 10.4 miles of distance that connect to some best sites and attractions such as Wilmington State Park, Bellevue State Park, Brandywine Creek State Park, Rockford Park, and Brandywine Zoo. You should hike two historic estates, view the rock walls of the Alapocas Run State Park, and others.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, and camera
Perfect area for cycling, photography, chilling, running, fitness, and hiking for beginners

6. Cape Henlopen Loop

There are many highlights in this 3.3 miles of bike loop trail such as a fishing pier, seaside nature center, and the point to see the Atlantic ocean meets the Delaware Bay.
The pear cacti, the fence lizards, the deer with white tail, the fowler’s toads, and many things around the park make it so beautiful!
Pack list:
Hiking boots, water, sun protection, mountain bike, fishing gear, swimsuit and towel, camera
Hiking, chilling, fishing, and photography are what things you can do in this 3.3 miles of trail.

7. Swamp Forest Trail

The trail offers 7.5 miles of distance to enjoy the biggest freshwater pond in the region and the wetland forests with the black cherry, maple trees, and sweet gum are the additional rewards. It is good to enjoy the campground, disc golf course, boat launch, picnic area, and others.
Pack list:
Hiking boots, water, sun protection, and mountain bike
Try for hiking, mountain biking, and photography in 7.5 miles of distance. A loop trail area that is great to visit in any season even for beginners.

8. Pondside Trail

The park offers 66-acre millpond, located in the heart of Kent Country in Delaware. The area was available since the 1700s with the trail that follows the perimeter of the pond to offer the amazing views of hardwood forest and the pond. Eventually, you can find turtles.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, camera, and admission fee for the pack
Hiking and photography are the things you can do in this area with 2.6 miles of distance that is even worth for beginners to visit. The loop trail is also great to try in any season.

9. Bob Trail

Bob Trail with 4.6 miles of distance provides an amazing overview and the views of Trap Pond State Park. It is the home for the natural bald cypress trees in the U.S. besides, it is the best location to watch ospreys, herons, and warblers.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, camera, binoculars for bird watching, entrance fee for the park.
It takes 4.6 miles to reach the area with some activities to do such as fitness, hiking, running, photography, and chilling. The area is good for beginners with the loop trail to visit in any season.

10. Hidden Pond Trail

The wooded trail is so lovely that it is perfect to hike there. You can walk next to the Brandywine Creek. The trail will also bring you to the forest, down to the creek and back again to make 2.8 miles of distance. With 933-acres Park, it also offers 14 miles of hiking the trails and exploring the open fields.
In addition, the trail is the excellent hike with the starting point from the Nature Center. What you should do is to follow the signs of the trails.
Pack list:
Entrance fee to the Brandywine Creek State Park, hiking shoes, water, camera
It takes 2.8 miles to explore the loop trail but for beginners, the destination will be unforgettable because you can enjoy the beautiful views with 3 feet of elevation gain. The area is also great for photography, fitness, hiking, running, and chilling.
So, it can be confusing to choose the best option in this list. Each site, of course, offers its unique scenery and activities. Therefore, it is good to start your plan and explore the areas!

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