10 Smooth Saving Hacks For Fast Hairless Look

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So, you love a hairless body and therefore, you do some hair removal such as on your armpits or legs once per day. For sure, the cheapest and easiest way to make remove the hairs is by shaving them off. Nevertheless, before grabbing a razor and going to town, you should do these hacks to enjoy the smooth saving process.

1. Exfoliate First

This is good to lift the hairs. Besides, this is a great thing to do first because you are preparing a better shave. Doing this will also help your body to remove the dead skin cells. Therefore, they will not gunk up your razor or hinder the close shave. Eventually, you can use portable sonic face cleansing brushes. It works to exfoliate your legs and to perform a good scrub right before using a razor.

2. Hair Conditioner

Have you already tried hair conditioner to shave your hair? In fact, hair conditioners and supple lotions are good to make sure that your razor will slide smoothly.

3. Take The Challenge

Will you take the challenge? It is all about trying to a dry shave just to see the way your skin reacts. Perhaps, you have heard for many times that you should never shave dry skin. Nevertheless, you can do it when your skin is completely dry. The result is it has a cleaner look than you can expect. Of course, this is a challenge. Skin reacts can be different. Therefore, just try a new thing since there is no claim.

4. Bend Your Knees For A Close Shave

What you should do is simple. You need to sit down in the bathtub and bend your knees. This is good to stretch out your skin and get the smoother shave around the patella nooks and crannies.

5. Try Shaving Products For Men

If you check sites like Amazon or Ulta, you’ll see that men have some pretty cool shaving products, with thick creams and such. Even though these treatments might be designed for beards, they can work well for women, too.

6. Try Five Blades

Single blades are old school, so we’ve heard. These days, you’ll find “curve-hugging” five-bladed razors for women that could seriously help smooth out your next shave.

7.  Shaving Supplies Everywhere

Make it easy and stock up on razors and refill cartridges so you can have them available at the ready. I tend to keep razors in all my bathrooms as well as my gym bag – and sometimes in my purse, just to have them there when I need them.

8. The Real Definition of Shave

Simply because we were raised with the idea that the only way to get rid of hair was via razors or Nair, we can change that logic. Explore other hair removal options, like waxing or threading.

9. Fresh Razor

If you decide to go the disposable razor route, remember to “dispose” of them as often as you can, aiming to use each one for no more than three shaves.

10. The Correct Way To Shave

We’ve heard it time and time again: Shave with the grain. But honestly, who really does that? Most of us jump in the tub or shower and shave our legs in an upward direction. That’s fine for those who don’t have sensitive skin. For those that do, experts suggest shaving downward first and then upward – if the upward direction close shave doesn’t cause problems.