10 Smart Uses For Coconut Oil You Should Know

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In recent years, coconut oil is the most popular crazes. This is the real versatile oil recommended by health nuts and gurus for DIY health treatments in everyday life. Here are some special uses for coconut oil you probably do not know yet.

1. Remove Dark Circles And Eye Bags

Do you always have the same problem of swollen eyes in the morning? Well, solve this problem quickly by patting your dark circles as well as eye bags with the thin layer of coconut oil. This is good to look more awake.

2. Remove Wrinkles

The case is similar to dark circles. What you should do is to rub a tiny bit of coconut oil. This is a perfect treatment to do twice a day. You can even feel the results because it will reduce the fine lines.

3. Toothpaste

We are sure that you never know about this. Well, you can use the coconut oil as toothpaste. It sounds unbelievable but you can mix baking soda and coconut oil for organic toothpaste.

4. Coconut Oil Soap

For a person with the skin allergies, of course, it is difficult to find the perfect soaps that will never irritate the skin. A soap bar with no chemicals, such as coconut oil is good to soothe your skin. You can find from the Internet on how to make soap bar from coconut oil.

5. Coconut Oil Shampoo

Wash your hair and use a shampoo you can make at home. To do so, mix coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. This shampoo will support your hair from dullness and discoloration. Besides, you can use coconut oil as the ahir mask or the conditioner after using your commercial shampoo product.

6. De-Frizz And De-Tangle Your Hair.

For those with thicker, coarser hair, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the bottom couple inches of your hair to leave your hair shiny and soft. Coconut oil helps to coat your hair from moisture and smoothens your hair. It also helps with your split ends!

7. A Lotion

We all know the moisturizing function of coconut oil. Rub it on your skin after your shower can instantly rejuvenate the skin.

8. A Creamer

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee early in the morning? Coconut oil is a healthy alternatives to high calorie creamer. It’s time to say bye-bye to dairy and sugar and kickstart your day with coconut oil. Here’s how.

9. The Healthier Butter On Your Toast.

Coconut oil is much healthier than butter or lard, and it boosts energy tremendously. Spread some coconut oil on your toast for a tasty morning snack.

10. Make Your Mayo With Coconut Oil

Mayonnaise is delicious, but what’s better? A healthier version. I promise it won’t disappoint you.

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