10 Simple Ways To Get Smooth And Silky Hair

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Silky and glistening hairs are all about using smooth hair solution. So basically, there is no need of salon trip for every day. You can do some easy tricks at home. These hacks are perfect for curly and straight hairs.

1. Cold Water

It can be painful to rinse your hair with cold water in winter. Nevertheless, this is the solution to get smooth hair. The cold can do something to your hair. In fact, warmth will make the hair cuticle open and cold can close it up. Rinse your hair with cold water will make the individual strands stay flat.

2. Don’t Rub

Stepping out of the shower should not make you rub your hair. In case that you want to wrap your hair in your towel, you should not rub your hair to remove the excess water. Rubbing your hair will only make them rough and lead to breakage. It also leads to frizz. Therefore, you should use your towel to blot away on the top of your head. This is good because it will remove the extra H2O.

3. The Protective Serum

For you who are deadly searching for shiny locks, you always dry your hair. Well, that is not a perfect solution. Okay, it will make your hair looks shiny but over time it will also damage your hair. In fact, it will reduce the cluster and degrade the smooth texture. If possible, it is good to not use a flat iron and regular heat styling. Otherwise, protect your hair with a heat protection serum.

4. Get Regular Trims

Even if you’re growing out your hair, keeping up with regular trims is key for smooth strands. Even if your roots look amazing and polished, damaged and split ends will ruin that illusion.

5. Do An Aloe Mask

Aloe vera doesn’t just help with burns — it also contains enzymes that encourage healthy hair growth. It also has a similar composition to keratin (the protein that’s the main building block of your hair), allowing it to easily penetrate the hair. To do, dilute a small amount of aloe (the gel from a couple of pieces of the plant is key — if you’re using a prepared aloe vera gel, make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol) in a cup of warm water. Comb through hair, let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse.

6. Make Your Hair A Smoothie

For a truly indulgent mask that is unbelievably softening, mash together one ripe banana with 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt until you have a smooth paste. This combo is crazy moisturizing and a treat for your scalp as well as your tresses. Rub it all through your hair, and put on a shower cap (or something else to keep the banana from getting all over the place!). After 45 minutes, rinse and shampoo.

7. DIY Clarifying Rinse

Up softness and shine — and remove accumulated product built-up (yuck!) with an apple cider vinegar rinse. It helps to restore your tresses’ pH balance, gets rid of the gunk, and closes up the cuticle. Best of all, it’s super-simple. Dilute a quarter-cup of cider vinegar in one cup of water. After your normal shower routine, pour it through your mane. Work it through from roots to ends, then rinse out (and yes, if you want even better results, rinse it out with cold water!).

8. Comb

Taking a brush straight to wet hair is a recipe for frizz and breakage. For smooth strands, use a wide-toothed comb on damp hair. Working in sections, start detangling at the ends and work vertically. Bothered by knots and/or a sensitive scalp? Spritz your hair with a product like It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product ($18, ulta.com) before you head into the fray.

9. Don’t Wash Too Often

“Second-day hair” is everywhere, but not just because it’s super-easy. Unless you have hair that’s crazy-oily, you probably don’t need to shampoo every day. Over-shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, which help give it shine and prevent damage. Experiment with skipping a day to find a schedule that works for you. Not comfortable going totally a natural? Use a dry shampoo like Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8, drugstore.com), then simply style as usual.

10. Homemade Straightening Treatment

Those images of stylists wearing gas masks have pretty much put everyone off salon straightening treatments, which though effective are also chock full of creepy chemicals. The Keratin Earth system (keratinearth.com) is formaldehyde free and boasts natural ingredients — and rave reviews. With daily shampoo and conditioner and monthly treatments, it tames even the toughest frizz.