10 Rules To Hike Havasupai Falls You Must Know

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Do you want to enjoy the most beautiful destinations in the Southwest?
If you have spent your time to hike in some sites, we think it is worth to do take a little effort to get a permit so you can backpack to Havasupai Falls. Once you got the permits, it is good to find some articles and read up the tips and tricks. Before the day to backpack comes, you should know what you can expect in this site. Of course, you want to prepare everything as best as you can, but it is also important to consider the necessity you should always put on your back. We recommend you to visit the site and do hiking for 10 miles with four days and three nights trip. Once you go to the site, you will amaze why no one mentions this site in their trip. In case you want to go to this site, take your time and read our helpful tips to start your amazing trip.

1. Sleep in your car or set up camp on the parking lot before hiking

This is a helpful thing to do to keep your body ready to hike. If you have planned to spend the night before camping out in the Grand Canyon, we think you should change your plan. In fact, The Havasupai Falls trail is about 2-hour drive, especially if you are from the GC Visitor Center. Therefore, you should calculate first. If you want to hike to the trail by 4 a.m. or 5 a.m., you have to wake up in the middle of the night, or at 2 a.m. Therefore, it is the best decision to make for this trip by spending the night at the parking lot so you can start your hike at 5 a.m. In addition, there will be a ton of hikers do the same thing, to hike down the canyon during the sunrise. Besides, you need to deal with 30-lb of the pack on the back.

2. Follow the speed limit

This point is important to hikers who drive into the Indian Road 18 at night to head to the trail. You don’t want to go about 65 to 70 mph on the roads because you will notice a ton of horses, cows, moose, and deer on the side of the road. Besides, these animals are active at night. It is because the heat of the pavement will attract them when the temperature drops right after the sunset. Drive carefully that you can even meet a horse to cross the path in the last quarter mile before the lot.

3. Bring band-aids or Moleskin

Well, you will get some type of blister and therefore, do not be so stubborn.
When you are out for a couple of days in this site, the little rocks and sand in the water may get into your water shoes. In this condition, you may get tiny blisters, but quite painful. If you have water socks, it seems you will not get this problem.

4. Bring your floaty

Bring your giant donut floaty when you stop in Havasupai Falls. The current is so perfect with enough space to float and enjoy your day to relax. Of course, bringing your floaty is not easy at all. You even do not want to deflate the floaty since there will be other falls after miles away when you get down. Besides, we do not recommend you to bring your floaty down to the Mooney falls even though the location is at a mile away. It is because the current is quite stronger there and it can be too risky on the trail.

5. Pick a campsite

Remember that picking a campsite is important to decide and even it needs a wise decision. If you pick the more shade or trees, it is the squirrels’ and critters’ territory that will take your food and pack. Otherwise, if you go with the less shade, you will find fewer critters. It is because the Ravens are flying overhead and make them scary since they have no trees to hide. Choose a campsite with the less shade but with zero problems.

6. Bring empty water jug

Take this point if you don’t want to hold up the spring line with 20 Kirkland water bottles. In fact, some campsites are 5 miles away from the spring. Therefore, you do not want to deal with that trek just to deal with a gallon of water.

7. Breakfast or dinner at one of the picnic benches

In Havasupai Falls, there are some picnic benches available. The peak hours at this site are around 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It is amazing if you bring your stove, mountain house pouches, utensils for your dinner here.

8. Helicopter service

Do you want to use a helicopter to go out of the canyons? If so, you should plan to arrive at 7:30 a.m. to the supermarket area. They will not take the advance reservations if you are not a local. In addition, you should sign up the day you want to fly out. It can be a big nightmare if you show up Friday morning at 8.a.m. Memorial Day weekend. Waiting for many hours and you will not even come close on the list. At this point, it is possible that you must hike out even though they can fly your backpack out. Even if you do not bring your 30-lb pack, hiking at the noontime was a serious matter. It is totally hot there that every time you have cloud coverage, take the advantage and book.
Having a good amount of water along with Gatorade perhaps is good for you, but still, you may dehydrate when you can reach the parking lot. In addition, they may drop your packs off at the helipad, next to the parking lot. If you do not want to use a helicopter service, it is good to learn this service first.

9. Hiking to Beaver Falls is the real trek

Well, it can be out of your expectation that the trail is a lot more difficult with a ton of forks in the road along with the sound of the water. It can be your least favorite falls after the journey but it is still worth a trip if you still want to enjoy the adventure.

10. Extra charging devices for GoPro/ iPhones.

It is good to bring two external chargers, 2 iPhone and a GoPro. It seems great to bribe each other to find whose device needs to charge.