10 Reasons Why We Should Stay On Earth

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Human and their intelligence is the evidence that they can do what they want, including landing on the moon. It is not something surprising to hear that now, many research has a strong ambition to find other places to find a new home, just like Earth. But, before that exploration started, there are some reasons you must listen to. It is crucial to hear about the reasons why we should live a little longer on Earth.

10. Our Financial Matter

Let us say that it is very possible and we have the capability to live in the distant worlds. But, let us not to close our eyes that the estimated cost for the venture is about $150 billion. That money is enough to start colonizing Mars.
Ironically, if we have $120 billion to invest, it is more than enough to support the starving people all over the world. Money should not be the main concern in any sector, but still, it is a good resource to support our time and resources when it comes to investment. So, we do not want to say that it is impossible to colonize the Universe. But, it is more about why do not prioritize our needs first before talking about the new chapter for human evolution.

9. Earth And Our Knowledge

Earth has more than 70% water on its surface. The oceans are the most unexplored area. In fact, human eyes have never seen more than 95%of the ocean depth. If we can prioritize to explore the depth of the ocean, it is possible to discover the new marine life such as the species. Best of all, it gives unexpected benefits to scientific research, too.

8. The Risks And The Developments

When it comes to research and development, we have to deal with the risk. It also will happen when we decide to leave the Earth. Even if we have planned the smallest detail, it can turn into a tragic event. For example, The Challenger disaster happened.

7. Distance and Time

All scientists are on the same boat when it comes to distance, which is measured by the time. When it comes to time, it is the same as space. For example, if you want to meet someone, you are talking about the time and the place to make sure you and this person can meet each other.
At this point, a photon, an object that moves at the speed of the light does not need time to pass and travel millions of the light-years. Photon can travel in any distance in the universe instantly. What about us? We are talking about the speed of the light that is allowed in the universe. We are so different when it comes to time and distance on Earth and in the universe.
Let us make it clear, here.
Voyager 1, at this time, is traveling in the space at around 60,000 km per hour and it has been traveling for over 35 years through the Solar System. If Voyager 1 is about heading the closest start, Proxima Centauri with 4.3 light-years away, it takes more than 76,000 years to arrive. Now, human civilization started only 12,000 years ago and if we would stay around Earth and wait for the Nuclear Pulse Propulsion becomes real, it means we would be able to reach the distance after 85 years!

6. The Gravity

Gravity is the one to blame when we cannot fly on Earth. It keeps our feet stuck to the ground. It is the main reason why the moon keeps spinning around the Earth. Gravity is also the scientific reason why the Sun and galaxy exist. Gravity can attract energy in the form of light.
In fact, every creature on Earth have evolved and surrounded by Earth’s gravity, our body only can work at maximum efficiency.  It happens when we experience the standard pull. For astronauts, they can feel this effect when they are in space.
If you have more interested in NASA, you can find some interesting facts about the astronauts. Before their journey to Mars, they have to deal with the challenge. It is because they will do their journey for seven months in Zero Gravity. They need to build their colony in any condition. Keep in mind that some astronauts have to accept their condition on the stretchers after their journey in the space. It is because Zero G makes them like a group of 80 years old. Therefore, if you want to be a volunteer, you have to follow the test made by NASA by lying on a bed at the six-degree inverted angle. This test will keep going for 70 days to experience the effect of zero-G.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Finding some information about the bad effect Zero-G on the human body, it is not a bad idea to wait for the A.I technology. In fact, we can use robots to help us create the future colonists. Here, we can do the heavy lifting and supporting them with important information.
It is possible for the scientists to develop robots that can fight fires automatically, carry heavy loads on the difficult terrain, and cars with automatic driving mode. These inventions are great to use when it is all about colonizing the planets.

4. Globalization Vs. Culture

The globalized society can cause races and nationalities blend together to unity different traditions and culture. For example, in Britain, there are 6% of children under five years old born with a combined ethnic background.
When it comes to globalization, one threat to talk is about genetics. For instance, in America, Europeans arrived and after that, more than 90% of the population died due to the disease. Of course, no one wants this to happen. In addition, the modern and diverse society can keep showing the dark side of racism, discrimination, and intolerance.

3. Star Trek And The Main Clue

Are you the fans of Star Trek?
From here, you may believe that human can do interstellar travel someday without having any contact or disturb the natural evolution on the distant planets. History can prove to us that humanity does not follow any main directive when it comes to inferior alien species.
What will we do when we found a new planet that offers a sustainable living form just like us? It is possible when we leave single bacteria behind and that organism can mutate or multiply in this new environment. After that, this organism can change the fate of that planet forever and even destroy the existing life there. In fact, it is easy for us to develop and do more research about what we can do to find a new world soon. But, we still need to learn about our capability to do something for other people and other worlds. Therefore, we should not leave the earth until we are mature enough to handle this point.

2. Destroying The Status Quo

Human and earth with many conflicts all over the world is still the most peaceful place. On the other hands, the new colony on another planet can end this current condition. If we cannot develop, the future crisis can happen.

1. The Responsibility

We still have more responsibility to deal with some crucial problems like war, discrimination, famine, wastefulness, and pollution. These are just a few problems. We need to make sure that we have fixed these matters. This is our big task to do before considering traveling to find a new planet.