10 Reasons We Should Leave Earth and Explore the Space

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Who says that we are living on this rock and we are safe? In fact, there are many ways that can make our Earth is unsafe, uninhabitable and this thing can happen so fast that we never imagine. It is something logical if now, many scientists work hard to find a new place to continue our life. It is possible if we are talking about advanced technology in this era. If you are saying that leaving the Earth and exploring the space to find a new place is a daydreaming, it is wrong. Exploring the space still gives us some benefits, for sure.

10. The True Explorers

Well, let us trace the history. Back to 60,000 years ago, at that time, a part of human left Africa with the mission to search the greener pastures. From this history, they settled all over the world. Eventually, they deal with all the challenges. Also, they have to adapt to new environments and climates. But now, we have less thing to investigate, except space.
What comes to your mind when you hear the story above? To us, it is all about a mission that is full of big fear, risk, and uncertainty. It is also about finding new hope. They have nothing unless to accept any unpredictable factors and costs. Well, do not fool yourself if some private corporations can support you for doing this! In fact, you should ask for the Governments first and make sure whether they can take the risk or not. After that, let the private sector behind you.
It is unbelievable but this is like the same way as Colombus, Magellan, Marco Polo, and Apollo have done their journey. It is all about getting the fund from the states with the goals in their mind, not the goal of the individuals or private sectors.

9. Helium-3 Exploration

Wonder how human has built a plan to bring men to the moon? They could do it for the first time and it took less than 70 years. After that, the mission is long gone when Soviets considered not pursuing the space competition. Now, we think it is a better time to go back. With the presence of lunar soil samples from the Moon, our scientists have found a large amount of He3 or Helium-3. In fact, this compound supports nuclear fusion; provide enough energy to the last centuries to our world.

8. Space Vacation

Theoretically, we can be part of it. If you don’t mind to spend 30 or 35 million dollars, The Russians will be so glad to start your flight and enjoy your vacation in the space.
Alternatively, there are many companies start their mission to bring us into space. For example, you can go with Virgin Galactic or XCOR Aerospace.

7. Becoming the Future Colonists

It is interesting to say that leaving the Earth and exploring the space makes you able to start your journey for colonizing Mars. Well, once you are leaving, there is no way to go back. On the other hands, the chance to go to another planet to find a new home is more than just a bargain for some people.
Mars One with the mission to send the unmanned missions has already done in 2018 with the humans come in 2024. It took seven months for the astronauts to arrive there and once they already there, it was more than just exploring Mars. It was all about how to keep surviving. They could not get any help from anyone, including the supply for foods, air, oxygen and basic help from Earth.
We can call it Claustrophobic as a way to live in the space. Those astronauts would lose their contact with nature. Therefore, the first colony would bring plants.  They provided their own food and oxygen in their settlement, too.

6. Exploring Venus

Perhaps you never heard about this thing before. In fact, Venus is a fiery inferno. It is from the molten rock with the presence of sulfuric acid rain and liquid methane. It is not a little paradise you can expect like Earth. Not to mention, it is not a good place to start.
On the other hand, it can be something so different. Surprisingly, Venus has a similar condition to Earth, especially for its 50 kilometers above its surface. Unlike Mars or Moon, the atmosphere in Venus can protect us from most of the UV rays as well as the pressure, just like our home. Believe it or not, Venus is the second choice when it comes to the most favorable planet for human life.
This condition makes many scientists believe that it is possible to have a floating city in the future, on this planet. Imagine about the idea of a floating city in Venus with the possibility to mine for resources we can do remotely.

5. A New Hope For The Asteroid Belt

The next potential colonies are about the asteroid belt, located between Jupiter and Mars. So, these asteroids have different sizes to each other. You can find small dust particles and even bodies 940 km across. These asteroids have surprising resources. There are more than 1 billion times of platinum, gold, iron, silver, and other metals that we can extract on Earth.
What can we do to mine these asteroids?
Why do not let robots to handle this job?
Using robots to start mining can reduce significant investment while limiting potential dangers.

4. The Exoplanets

The Goldilocks Zone is a region with the habitable planets at the correct distance from the star with the right temperature. In fact, scientists have discovered about 2000 planets available in our space neighborhood. The gravitational effect helps us know about their distance from the star, their material and their size.

3. Avoiding The Havoc

Living in a globalized society means it is about preparing the loss of cultural identity. The global plague is also a real matter. When you leave Earth and start exploring on the faraway worlds will cut this problem. Once a human is spreading into the galaxy, the traditions and health will be granted.

2. Discovering E.T.

Arthur C. Clarke mentioned that we are not alone in this Universe. Therefore, the research about the Extra-Terrestrial intelligence Institute has been going for decades. Everything was from a 72-second transmission in 1972. The transmission was caught so close in the Sagittarius constellation.
What about the latest discovery?
In fact, information in English, Ancient Sumerian, or even Chinese come with distinct patterns. When someone is writing or talking these words, scientists graphed and in the end, it formed the straight 45-degree angle.

1. Discovering A.I.

By the time human can find a new life beyond the Earth is that we can create intelligent life. We are talking about A.I. or Artificial Intelligence. In fact, scientists have been developing vehicles that drive automatically. They have tested a hundred cars on the roads for years. We see that technologies growing rapidly these days.

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