10 Pictures that may really freak you out when you take a closer look

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Pictures are worth a thousand words but sometimes there are some pictures that may just be worth a thousand and ONE!!. These thirteen pictures may seem the usual run of the mill pics, some profound, some happy or so it may seem. But look closer because they aren’t as ordinary as they seem. Take a good look at these pictures that freak you out.

1 Smile on Guys While It Lasts

These guys are no doubt freaking out in a happy way, but right now are you freaking out too at what’s behind them?

Smile on Guys While It lasts.

Image Source: www.klimg.com

2 This Is No Happy Birthday

Up front it seems this is going to be one cute birthday party except for the surprise little visitor which you may soon see. Take a good hard look because it isn’t right!! Get it?

This Is No Happy Birthday

Image Source: www.smosh.com

3 Is The Mirror Freaking Out?

I bet you spent quite some time looking hard and wondering hard where to spot the little ghost or photobomb right?? Take another look at the Mirror. It’ll drive you crazy.

Is The Mirror Freaking Out

Image Source: www.terselubung.id

4 Do You Scare Easily?

What do you make of this picture, Is it as scary as it look. You be the judge of that

Scare Easily

Image Source: www.smosh.com

5 That’s A Ghostly Photobomb to Remember

Selfies don’t always turn out right do they? That’s one eerie activity in the background, is it a ghost?

A Ghostly Photobomb

Image Source: www.keepitonfleek.com

6 Perfect Grounds for Divorce

Well? I’m sure she looks quite content posing for her husband in this pic who I’m told divorced her soon after, did you find the evidence? Look for eyes.

Perfect Grounds for Divorce.

Image Source: www.gagbros.com

7 The Poltergeist Is Back

Did you see him? Well these kids are about to freak out soon unless someone comes in time. Remember the movie Poltergeist?

The Poltergeist Is Back

Image Source: www.liderviral.net

8 Would you ever walk up these stairs?

Taking these stairs isn’t just anyone’s cup of tea unless you want to share it with that guy up there, can you see him? That’s one picture that freaks you out.

Would you ever walk up these stairs

Image Source: www.izismile.com

9 Now This Is Epic, You Need To Look Hard For This One

Now this looks like a nice romantic wedding going on down there isn’t it. Still looking?? Not found it yet right, well it takes a bit of work. Nothing really seems to be extraordinary here does it?

Now what do you think of that?? Truly a picture that freaks you out right?

picture that freaks you out

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

10 The Eerie Mirror Strikes Again

Now is that real or is that mirror trying to say something whatever it is, that could well be a ghost rather than a real child.

The Eerie Mirror Strikes Again

Image Source: www.smosh.com