10 Mind Blowing Mysteries About The Universe

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So, the universe is so unpredictable which gives us a number of questions. However, it doesn’t stop us from trying. After all, we love contemplating about problem and mysteries. Here are 10 of them!

ET, Space, Humanoid, Extraterrestrial and Alien

Well, it has been questioned for decades. On the internet, we often see spots in the sky and some weird pattern on the land. Then, we believe this must be something bigger, smarter and more modern than human. Who knows! Space science and universe science to know science
It is just like what Carl Sagan opinions. When we exist, there must be neighbors somewhere. Besides, an astrophysicist, Frank Drake created an equation to help we figure out about this intelligent life in our universe. If we only found one planet that has intelligent life among billion planets which means the Earth, then there will be more than 6 billion planets with such intelligence inside. Space science and universe science to know science
Another expert, Enrico Fermi underlined that we haven’t detected any other intelligent in our universe. Until today, the debate about aliens and other intelligence is still continuing. But who knows? Space science and universe science to know science

The Tunguska Explosion

The Tunguska Explosion in Siberia River Valley in Siberia, Russia still remains a mystery after 1 millennium. On the 30th of June, 1908 there is an explosion with bright blue hitting incredibly strong in the area. After an examination, the trees around the explosion has been knocked down in a strange pattern. Until today, the scientists are still not sure what was about but the possibility of meteor fragment is possible. However, the big question is we didn’t find the fragment. Could it be a UFO? Space science and universe science to know science

Rare Antimatter

Theoretically, matter and antimatter are created at the same time with the same event. When the normal baryonic is made, at the same time and event, the antiparticle is created. However, while it is tried to make the same thing on Earth, there is no universe around and also nobody knows what happened to this antimatter which theoretically should also be there. Space science and universe science to know science


The nearest mystery we have is our mind. As we see that theoretically, it is a response to something. However, our ability to respond to our own thought is the most complicated thing. We don’t know whether it is the of our brain work? How this consciousness survive after we die? It always becomes the most complicated puzzle we cannot solve until today. Space science and universe science to know science


Well, what is time? Is it just the sun rises until the sun rises again? Is it just an illusion? We still don’t know what time is, whether it is the length of the Earth’s rotation or something else.
In fact, when we see from the length of the Earth’s rotation time, this might be different in Mars or other planets. It is probably an illusion. What if one day we found the real “time travel”? Space science and universe science to know science

The Beginning of How Universe Is Created

So, the making of the universe might often cross your mind. When was it created? How was it created and from what? We never know about it. It is beyond our knowledge and so far scientist never found the answer except for the “Big Bang” theory. Space science and universe science to know science
The “Big Bang” theory is a massive expansion of energy and all the matters that it is believed still continuing until today. But who started the bang? Is God using the Big Bang to create the universe and running as itself? Space science and universe science to know science

The End of The Universe

So, the doomsday means the end of the universe? Well, according to opinions, it has some possibilities. First of all, the universe will be still continuing to expand until it is spread out which energy and matter will be just lukewarm dust and a cloud of wind. Another possibility is the gravity will catch up all the matter in the universe and this will be getting slow down resulting it to fall back into one point that creates another Big Bang. Space science and universe science to know science

Multiple Universe

It is a little bit surprising for a newbie of universe enthusiast that the theory of recent quantum physics reveals the possibility of another universe with the same time and space. Even this theory suggests our universe and other universe are actually interacting but in limited ways. Do you think so?

Grand Unification Theory

Well, if we think about the classic physics theory from Isaac Newton, then the relativistic physics from Einstein and then Heisenberg’s quantum physics, all of them are logic, but it sounds like they work in their own rules but ignoring each other. Interestingly, it works on the same universe. Weird, right?
Well, those 10 mysteries about the universe might still remain debates among scientist now, but who knows if in the near future we found new good news.

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