10 Mind-Blowing Facts about the Moon

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The moon has included in religious beliefs, the countless cultures, and societies. Human curiosity makes us investigate all things about the Moon, and what we have learned are more interesting than listening to the legends. So, today, we would like to explore more about the moons, and all its fascinating facts to know.

10. Helium 3

If you wonder why countries still plan to return to the Moon, it is because it has something more valuable. It is all about Helium 3, a lightweight isotope that can be the real way to solve our energy problems. We need Helium 3 in nuclear fusion sans the radioactivity. Well, scientists have already tested this isotope and they found that this is incredibly efficient. Mining can be quite expensive but we will have safe, affordable, and clean energy for the world. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

9. Water

Scientists finally are finding cool new things and one of them is that about the Moon. Others would suggest strange things on the Moon, like the extraterrestrial beings, but scientists have something more surprising than that. By using remote imaging, scientists have scanned the crater of Bullialdus near the equator of the Moon. They found water molecules locked in the rocks, deep below the surface. It is magmatic water and scientists thought that it is from the solar wind that impacted on the Moon’s surface. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

8. Moon Footprints

Not all people realize that the US astronauts left their footprints in the ‘60s and ‘70S and are still preserved. This situation is quite unique, even US lawmakers took time to get paid for their effort to legislate the issue. This is historical imprint and some people are worried that since many commercial organizations get into space flights and other countries are developing their technology to land on the Moon. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

7. Spaceship Moon Theory

It is interesting to know that the Moon actually has been the “victim” for over the years. Many people convicted that the Moon is a kind of God that we should worship, but some others think it is made of cheese. The oddest theory is that Moon is the alien spaceship left orbiting earth.
Other weird theory said that Moons is the source for all aliens to make an enormous spaceship. It is because the Moon has a high presence of chromium, zirconium, and titanium. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

6. Moonquakes

It was more than forty years ago, astronauts left seismometers while visiting the Moon. Seismometers sent the data back to the scientists waiting on the result. So, the seismometers were left and still active for over a decade. After many years, a professor from Notre Dame and his team worked together to look at the data. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff
What they found is that the Moon has earthquakes. Some different kinds of quakes happen on the Moon. It could be a simple vibration when meteorites strike the surface. Others can happen because of thermal expansion, and shallow moonquakes. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

5. The Man in the Moon

A long time ago, the man looked up at the Moon and they wondered about it. The outline was strange that looked like a man on its surface. Therefore, they made many different stories about Man in the Moon. The stories and variations may different. It was about a man who was banished to the Moon as his punishment. Others told the story of a woman who was punished with a similar crime. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

4. Moon Base

NASA Keeps talking about building a base on the Moon, and people turning it as a joke all the time. The Russians then plan to head to the Moon with their cosmonauts in 2025 with the hope to establish their base for a few years later. But, the competition would be tight, because other countries have the same plans as India, China, and Japan. China has an ambitious plan with its advanced concept to establish the fully-working base on the Moon by 2050. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

3. Blue Moon

Under certain circumstances, the moon can appear blue even to the naked eyes. Scientists explained that the volcanic eruptions may cause the huge plumes of ash to spread out over the atmosphere and then scatter the red light particles. The case is like the strong eruptions of volcano Krakatoa that made people see blue Moons and lavender suns for years. According to some people in 190s, the eruption of Mt. St. Helen caused a Blue Moon was visible in some countries. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

2. Space Treaty

One lawmaker worked hard to have the moon landing site as the national park, but there was a good reason why this legislation failed. In fact, the Moon is not our property. The Moon orbits the Earth and no one can claim it. Of course, this can create a unique problem when it is about colonizing, mining, and landing on the Moon. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff

1. Dark Side of the Moon

The Moon is mysterious with its whole secret life we do not know many things. It means, we never see half of the Moon. While the Moon only shows its one side to us, it still shows both sides to the sun. It is interesting that if you look at the Earth from the surface of the moon, you will get the same effect. It will show you the same side and in the same place. cool stuff share coolest stuff to know cool stuff