10 Incredible Adventures Near New York City

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Take a few hours of driving and it is worth to find these incredible places.
Living in New York City means that it can be tough to find the quiet and peaceful great outdoors. If you don’t mind to make the effort to escape from the town, the rewards are waiting for you. Just drive and then hop on the train. You can reach these trails within a few hours and enjoy your weekend!

1. Sugarloaf Mountain and Breakneck Ridge

4 miles of distance and 1670 feet in elevation for intermediate hikers
This place will not disappoint you if you pack a hammock. Enjoy the amazing sunset with the beautiful views of the Hudson River Valley.  With various terrain and fun rocks, you need to pass to reach the top, your experience for this adventure will be unforgettable.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, lunch, headlamp, and camera
Visit the place in any season and you can do hiking, photography and rock climbing.

2. Sugarloaf Mountain

If you cannot hike to the Breakneck Ridge Loop, you can still enjoy the same views as this trail but with the shorter hike. It is only about 2.5 miles, a straight trek to find Sugarloaf Mountain.
Pack list:
Comfortable shoes with some traction, camera, water/snacks, microspikes/snowshoes in winter
Take 2.5 miles for snowshoeing, hiking, and photography. This place is also great for a beginner at any time of the year through the out-and-back trail.

3. Lake Canopus

Enjoy the sweet hike with the beautiful view of the lake and the short trail. The sunset is beautiful, especially during the fall season. The hike is easy and it can be the refreshing reward especially for the hot summer weeks.
Pack list:
Camera, snacks, tripod, and water
Take 1 mile for hiking and chilling in spring, summer, and autumn on an out-and-back trail. A beginner should visit this place, too.

4. Sunset Point South Beacon Mountain Loop

The less crowded place and it is more strenuous option to the Breakneck Ridge Loop. The Hudson River Valley looks more beautiful here. Plus, there are only a few people on the trek.
Pack list:
Sturdy hiking shoes, water, and camera
8.25 miles of distance and 1600 feet in elevation are worth to try for hiking and photography. This is the ideal place for intermediate hikers to enjoy in any time of the year.

5. Ninham Mountain Fire Tower

Go to this trail to enjoy the sunrise and then climb the fire tower to get a beautiful morning. If you visit the place on the clear and bright day, you will get the bonus, Catskill Mountains.
Pack list:
1.5 miles and 400 feet in elevation make the place is good for hiking, photography, and chilling. A beginner can visit the area at any time of the year.

6. Maalouf’s Mountain Sunset Camp on Mt. Beacon

Prepare your pack and get on the train at the Grand Central Station to head to this place within 90 minutes. This is a great choice for the intermediate backpacker to take a day or a long day hike. It offers round trip with 12 miles of distance. Of course, it can be a great challenge for your weekend.
Pack list:
Map, hiking shoes, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towel, bug spray, food, water, and camera
12 miles of distance and 1653 feet in elevation make it perfect for chilling, camping, photography, hiking, and backpacking. The location is great for an intermediate backpacker to visit in spring, summer, and autumn.

7. Stairway To Heaven

Do you have a big dream to hike the Appalachian trail? We think this is the best chance to deal with the section of the trail. Meadows, forests, and marshlands are the best awards of your hiking experience. This is a popular place to hike with the starting point on the Appalachian Trail. Start on the boardwalk and enter the forested area. After 1.4 miles, you can follow the path for a bicycle and canal road. After that, turn to the right to cross over a bridge. Then, take a left to find a gate.
Continue your trip at 2.2 miles and you will start to hike up the Wawayanda Mountain. You can even shorten the hike by driving up to a parking lot and you can reach the Stairway of Heaven.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, and snacks
Take 7.4 miles and 1050 feet in elevation for hiking. A beginner should take this trail in autumn, summer, and spring with an out-and-back trip.

8. Storm King Mountain

We can say that this is the top bang for your budget hike at this time. The few miles of hiking are waiting for you so you can reach the amazing 360-degree view of the Hudson Valley. The trail is so easy that even makes this area great for kids and families.
Pack list:
Hiking boots or trail shoes, backpack with 10 essentials, water and snacks or lunch, camera, and hammock
2.7 miles and 900 feet in elevation are waiting for you. After all, you can hike and take some pictures at any time of the year. Even the place is ideal for a beginner.

9. Mt. Taurus

Do you want to bring your pup to enjoy a hike? Take this option. It is the great dog-friendly trail. The trek is easy. Best of all, the trailhead offers an ideal choice for post-hike snack, food, and drink.
Pack list:
Water, comfortable shoes with some traction, and camera
Hiking is the best thing to do here, even for a beginner. You can visit this place in summer, autumn, and spring.

10. Appalachian Trail To Anthony’s Nose

This is the last option to hike the section of the Appalachian Trail. Enjoy the sunset with the views of Hudson Valley and Bear Mountain.
If you go down too far, it is good to keep an eye on dogs and children because the path can be steep. For the hike, there should be no matter at all for the whole family.

Pack list:
Water, 10 hiking essentials, comfortable supportive footwear, and camera
2 miles of distance and 790 feet in elevation are enough for hiking and photography. The best time to visit the place is in the summer, autumn, and spring with the out-and-back trail to deal with. Even beginners can go here.

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