Hardest Questions Scientists Need Many Years to Answer

10 Hardest Questions Scientists Need Many Years to Answer

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When it comes to the scientific method, it is all about to find the exact answer to any questions, whether it is a large or a small thing. So, what comes to your mind when you hear about the word of scientists?

Well, they have high curiosity. Also, they love to do some experiments. Perhaps, they cannot sleep well because there are so many questions hit their head so they keep exploring things all day. In fact, they are human, too. They need time, even for years to find a short answer from a simple question. Here are the 10 most challenging questions for scientists that they need to spend a lot of time just to find the logical answer.

10. The Cause Of The Volcanic Lighting

Scientists have observed the quality of violent volcanic eruptions for quite long. They saw the crackling electrical shows together with the ash plumes. Of course, seeing this phenomenon made them puzzled. Obviously, this case is something different from the common earth-bound lighting. Besides, they had no hints about the cause of this phenomenon.

According to the scientists at the University of Munich, the cause was from the ash. Specifically, it was the small particles of the rising ash and magma electrified them. Turbulence generates the charge distribution that can lead to electrostatic discharge. The rising ash is the cause.

9. Turtles And Their Shells

Why do turtles have shells?

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This sounds a simple question, but do you know the answer?

Perhaps, turtles are slow that they are easy to become the food for the predators. Therefore, with their hard and protective shell, it will be their evolutionary advantage. Do you think this is the right answer?

Fine, the shells can protect them, but it is wrong if it is all about the predators to blame. In fact, they need shells to protect them from the harsh South African desert environment. This is the location of their evolution. So, how do turtle get their shells?

The story of the shells started when turtle began digging underground. After that, they created caves to escape the aridity and heat. The final confirmation of this theory was nothing until the South African boy, 8 years old discovered the well-preserved fossil while he was working at the family farm.

8. The Reason of Jet Lag Is Directional

If you are traveling from West to East, the jet lag effects are much stronger than traveling from East to West. Recently, the scientists found that the effect is real and the reason was that it has to do with the Circadian rhythm. But, the one that controls these cells are the variations in the sunlight.

It happens when the days are lengthened. The signal is the sunlight, which feeds information to the cells. On the other hands, they become confused since when there is no sunlight and the days are shortened. This condition removes the body’s clock. Traveling from West to East is related to the effect of shortening the day. As a result, we have more problems with our internal rhythm. Naturally, we tend to deal with the longer days and that becomes the factor.

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7.  Why Our Knuckles Pop

It is unbelievable that scientists have to take many years to answer this question. In fact, a scientist from the University of Albert Canada, Greg Kawchuk met someone that can crack his knuckles. This person named Jerome Fryer, a champion of knuckle cracker. Also, he is a chiropractor. He came to Kawchuk with his theory that the sound was from the sudden formation of the cavity, located in the joint fluid. It is like a vacuum environment in which the joint surfaces suddenly separate with no more fluids to fill the joint volume. The sound came due to the cavity.

6. What Are The Function Of The Appendix

For centuries, many people believed that appendix was a vestigial organ. But, research revealed that the purpose of the appendix is as the barracks for the platoons of good bacteria to fight with the nasty infections. The discovery began with the appendices of Koala bears. They have long and large appendixes. During the experiment, Duke University Medical Center professor, Bill Parker, participated in it. He stressed that appendix should not get inflamed.

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5. Can We Inherit Memories

Recently, A Tel Aviv University with their research team explained the exact mechanism about this matter. The small RNA molecules are the key that can support the inherited DNA modifications. Researchers were able to isolate the enzyme in worms to learn about the epigenetic responses. The enzyme tells the small RNA molecules to continue replicating.

4. Why Subatomic Particles Can Bind

If we are talking about particle physics, the quark will be the tiniest and the most basic particles. But, research cannot reveal yet about the composition of quarks. They made up protons and neutrons that can be bound together through force. But, no one knows what kind of force it is.

Scientifically, it is known as meson f0 or 1710, but more as the glue that can bind all other particles together. They are like the photons (the particles of light) and they have no mass. Photons have the duty to handle electromagnetic force. Meanwhile, gluons have the task to handle strong nuclear force. Since photons are not dealing with their own force and gluons are, it means they can bind together.

3. What Is The Nature of Gravity

The theories of Einstein tried to explain that light, sound, and everything else, gravity is a wave or a frequency. That is a big prediction and many people thought it was true for many decades. But, no one could confirm it.

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Recently, scientists used sensitive instruments. They recorded the distance sound of the two black holes crashed to each other. The sound is 50 times the power output of all stars in the Universe combined.

2. Why Do Men Exist

We can say that human have evolved and become efficient organisms. To answer the question about why do men exist, researchers started to study that involve the flour beetles. There were two parts to this research. First, scientists put 90 males and 10 females together and observed. The second observation was about pairing a male and a female. After 50 generations, scientists found that sexual selection could play an important role to produce healthy offspring.

1. Do Aliens Exist

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Back in 1961, Frank Drake, an astronomer has identified seven factors which can identify the strange contact with the alien civilization. Nevertheless, days have passed and after a long time, Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan, the astronomers concluded that we are not the first

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