10 DIY Art Activities To De-Stress At Home

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What comes to your mind when you hear about art therapy? Well, it is a term that refers to the activities or practice of creating a way to boost spirit, make your mind better, and take away your wounds. Art therapists are available in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other treatment programs to help to rejuvenate, and reducing stress. If you want to distress yourself at home, it is the time to try these art activities.

1. A Postcard

Add a dimension to your words by decorating them. If you have a big pain caused by a person, it is the time to burn and destroy the postcard after completing this activity. This is the sign that you are ready to move forward. If you want the person knows your feeling, you can send your postcard anonymously so that person will never reply to it.

2. Thank You

Why do not focus on words and thoughts from your own mind? This is the time to make your design. What you should do is to take a stack of blank cards together with the envelopes at the paper or craft store. Otherwise, buy a pre-made card. After that, offer thanks to those who help you through the troubles these days. In addition, you can give the cards to those who have helped you a few days ago. This will create a big impact to let people around you know that you really appreciate their help.

3. Cut And Paste

If you have no idea with any advertisements and circulars around your house, it is the time to take a pair of scissors. After that, do everything by following your imagination. What you should do is to find any images or others that will make you feel positive and complete it with some goals to achieve. This is good to heal your wounds.

4. Make A Digital Collage.

Short on art supplies, or simply more of a computer person? Fire up your laptop, and download one of many free college programs. You can create a collage from your own photographs and memories, or conduct an online search to find images that resonate with you. Programs such as Photoshop will provide the most options, but more rudimentary programs such as Photoshop Elements, PowerPoint or some Adobe platforms offer enough for a first effort.

5. Draw In Response To Music.

Music is a form of art that is often said to move souls. Energize, relax, and otherwise give attention to yours by simply putting a pen or pencil to paper and moving it as the rhythm dictates. Sharp, staccato music may prompt you to draw jagged edges or bold lines; softer rhythms may encourage you to draw waves. Instrumental music is generally a more effective stress-buster than music with lyrics because the mind is allowed to relax without distraction. If more formalized or finite images begin to emerge, allow it – the point of the exercise is to allow for creation without expectation or restraint.

6. Bring A Motivational Message To A Colorful Life.

Do you have a phrase or saying that makes you feel uplifted?  Cut the words out of magazines and arrange an encouraging display. Don’t have a “go to” phrase? Find generic words, such as “happy,” “joy,” “inspire,” and start with a general display of words. Crack open old journals for inspiration, or start a new art journal for your new creations.

7. Move Those Magnetic Words Around.

There is art in manipulating the written word, too. Tap into your inner poet and give yourself something nice to read every time you open the refrigerator door, with fridge art. A box of words can be rearranged in a seemingly infinite number of combinations. For only a few dollars, pick up boxes with theme-based verbiage, or boxes that include graphic images. Running low on inspiration?   Post a poem or story that resonates with you – just because someone else is the author, doesn’t mean you can’t still reap the relaxing rewards.

8. Bedazzle The Box.

Most of us have a box of memorabilia tucked away somewhere (or bits of memorabilia scattered everywhere). Get organized and give your treasures a facelift by literally decorating the box you keep them in. Decor can be specific to a set of memories or time period, or more general. Decorating a box is also a great way to add to a time capsule or memory box given as a gift.

9. Create An Affirmation You Can Carry With You.

Gain a more frequent boost from your art therapy efforts by creating a product that you can literally carry with you. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, an article of clothing, or a key chain, choose images, words, and colors that remind you of how and what you want to feel. Not sure how to begin? Attend a class at a local craft store or gallery to get the creative juices flowing and brush up on techniques.

10. Brighten Up Old Clothing.

Working through feelings of unworthiness or low self-esteem? Wish you had the budget to completely overhaul your wardrobe? Get thee to the craft store! Spend $20-$50 on beads, bows, even a bedazzler, and give items you already own an update worthy of fabulous you. Have a bit more to spend, and already know your way around the business end of a sewing machine? Pick up a pattern for a new item of clothing, or a book on an easy-to-learn craft, such as knitting.