10 Cool Backyard DIY Projects To Enjoy The Summer Breeze

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Do you want to upgrade your backyard? Well, it is possible to make a significant upgrade to your backyard with the projects below. If you do not mind to spend a little time, a little work, and a little material, these projects will be the best way to start upgrading your backyard. Besides, these projects will transform your backyard to be more enjoyable for summer.

1. The Mini Greenhouse

Do you love plants? Do you want to have the perfect environment to grow them? Then this is the project for you. Check out the details here.

2. Fire Pit Seating

Try this DIY project and we promise that this is easy and practical. If you love your fire pit but have no idea the best solution to deal with, this is what you need. What you should do is to add a bench to create an excellent seating design for your summer smores. Check out the details here

3. The Planter

Do you love plants but aren’t sure how to best incorporate them into your design? Do you like to recycle older items into awesome new ones? Then this is the project for you. Grab an old tire and the paint can. Check out the details of the projects here, but it also has one of the best payoffs. You can go for the pond option or the waterfall look with this DIY. Get the details here

4. Outdoor waterworks

Who doesn’t love the sound of running water? Well, for surprisingly little effort and investment, you can have such a luxury beautifying your backyard. It is a bit more involved than some DIY projects, but it also has one of the best payoffs. You can go for the pond option or the waterfall look with this DIY. Get the details here

5. DIY Tiki Torches

Are you looking for a bit of Asian flair in your backyard? Why not make use of that Lucky Buddha Beer bottle? Turn those happy little suckers into elaborate tiki torches with this tutorial

6. The Mini Bar

Do you have a dream to make a mini bar for your backyard? This is the time to make it comes true. Create an unforgettable summer gathering with a mini bar to improve your backyard. We are sure that you will love this affordable DIY project. Sit and try to learn this tutorial.

7. River Rock Table

You’ll be amazed at how easily you can add this awesome piece of practical decor to your backyard. Grab some river rocks, wire, and a glass top and BAM you’ve got an awesome table. Check it out here

8. Movie House

Want to make your whole family are gathering and chilling in the backyard while enjoying their BBQ? Well, try to do this project and enjoy some movies to watch together. You can check out the tutorial on how to build the perfect outdoor screen here via runn.

9. Fairy Garden

If you think fairies are cool, this is the project for you. Not only will you have a cool conversation starter, but you will help make some awesome magical memories. Get the details here

10. DIY “ROCK” Path

Do you love an intricate project to complete your backyard? Try to make rock path with various shaped rocks. This is the best DIY project without having much time to invest. Here are the details.

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