10 Controversial Facts About The Moon Landings That Actually Happened

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Conspiracy theories have strong domination when we are talking about the space, including the Moon. On the other hands, there are many awesome, or sometimes are controversial facts about moon landings. Here are the facts.

10. Andy Warhol’s Moon Penis

Forrest Myers, an artist, approached NASA during the booming event, Apollo 12 mission. This artist came with a novel idea: putting art on the moon. The idea was simple. He wanted to get famous artists from era to each contribute a small drawing that he then engraved onto a tiny ceramic wafer. NASA would bring it to the moon for its eternity to show to the universe that man existed and totally conquered a tiny portion of space.
During the lead up to the Apollo 12 mission to the moon, NASA was approached by an artist named Forrest Myers with a rather novel idea: putting art on the moon. Myers’ pitch was simple. He wanted to get a number of famous artists from the era to each contribute a small drawing or sketch that he would then have engraved onto a tiny ceramic wafer. The wafer would then be taken to the moon, where it would remain for eternity, standing as a constant reminder to the universe that man existed, and totally conquered at least a tiny portion of space. Presumably, this would inspire bouts of first pumping and excited high fives whenever mankind was reminded of the accomplishment. Of course, when NASA asked him to provide a piece of artwork, he then scribbled an image of a penis. Unsurprisingly, NASA was not able to send this picture to space.

9. Astronauts Couldn’t Get Insurance

You may think that Apollo 11 astronauts took a big risk, especially for their lives. So, you then assumed NASA would have provided those with a kind of insurance to cover something wrong happened. For some reason, in fact, NASA never provided it. Even conventional insurance companies filed them under a category so they would not get any coverage. Since there were no options left, Neil Armstrong and his cohorts resorted to instead autographing hundreds of postcards and other pieces of Apollo memorabilia, and mailing it their family and friends. If they died, it would be valuable.
The astronauts who became the first landed on the moon had to spend their few moments they had on Earth by signing their name hundreds of time. This was their only way to provide something for their families just in case they crashed into the moon and died.

8. The BBC Deleted All Their Footage of the Moon Landing

Over half a billion of Earth’s residents watched the time when Neil Armstrong first stepped his foot on the moon in 1969. The reason why BBC barely has any footage left over from that day because major television network of their homelands broadcasted the footage.
It was a bit mystery to talk about what happened to 27 hours of coverage BBC dedicated to the moon landings. The footage was lost, recorded over, or stolen by secret agents. The most reasonable answer is that in the ‘70s, someone had a task to decide what footage to delete the majority of it for the reasons kept the only to them.

7. Putting Astronauts in Biohazard Suits

Everybody knows when the Neil Armstrong Experience feat. Buzz landed on Earth. They must go through customs. Also, they signed off on the hundreds of pounds of moon rocks they would bring back. But, what you and others perhaps did not know is that Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins signed the forms while wearing biohazard suits. It was because everyone around them was afraid of moon cooties. Landing back on Earth made them had to stay in a trailer for three weeks. NASA wanted to make sure that they were not suffering from Space Plague.

6. Astronauts Falling Over

When Armstrong and Aldrin set their foot on the moon’s surface, the first thing they did is jumping around like kangaroos. It was because NASA scientists were curious about the best way to move around in the low gravity. They wanted a little experiment with multiple methods of locomotion. Also, NASA scientists wanted the astronauts to lie down or roll around. They asked these things to know how difficult for them to stand up. Since this mission cost America billions of dollars, they needed to do these things.

5. The Longest Golf Shot in History Was On the Moon

It was in 1971 when Alan Shepard stepped on the moon’s surface. What he did was haphazardly swung a makeshift golf club at a golf ball. He jokingly told mission control that the ball had flown for miles away after taping it lightly with his one-handed swing. Shepard said it with no confidence, with even no little hope that his shot had broken any records. But, Ethan Siegel, the astrophysicist believed he did it.
Siegel studied the footage of the shot and did some calculations related to the moon’s atmosphere and low gravity. He calculated that it is plausible that his one-handed shot in the bulky space suit cleared well over 400 yards. Therefore, it was the farthest golf shot in history.

4. The Artist Who Tried to Profit from Dead Astronauts

It was in 1971, NASA commissioned Paul Van Hoeydonck, an artist to create a small piece dedicated to some popular fallen astronauts and cosmonauts. So, they would like to put this honor on the moon during the upcoming Apollo 14 mission. Hoeydonck then sculpted a small figure of an astronaut made of aluminum in a kick-ass chrome space suit. Then, he gave it to NASA, and they flew it to the moon and laid it next to a commemorative plaque.
The sculpture, named Fallen Astronauts was initially a secret public did not know until the mission had taken place. At that point, Smithsonian approached Hoeydonck to ask whether he would consider making a copy for them. NASA agreed to allow Hoeydonck to create a single extra copy, but he made nearly 1,000 and took out an ad in a magazine by offering it to the public. He sold them for $750 per piece. After NASA criticized him for trying to profit from the deaths of astronauts, he then withdrew the ad.

3. The Man Who Stole and Had Sex “On” the Moon

NASA explained that there are dozens of priceless moon rocks are lost, or unaccounted due to theft or lax record keeping. But, the most controversial moon rock theft was at the time when Thad Roberts, a former aspiring astronaut stole a safe full of moon rocks from a NASA scientist. Thad did not steal the rocks from a safe. He walked into the office and then stole the entire safe without no one noticed his presence.
What he did after stealing the moon rocks was he and his female accomplice went back to his motel room and had vigorous sex on the top of the moon rocks they just stole. In short, there is a guy out he can claim to have had sex on the moon.

2. All the Actual Crap We Dumped Up There

Over the last five decades, we have thrown hundreds of thousands of pounds of stuff away on the moon. Well, NASA did this. There are mundane objects like million dollar probes, flags, bags of poo and urine left scattered across the moon’s surface. The good news is that scientists are so excited to study the poo in a  few decades. They just want to see if it mutates into a poo monster.

1. The Communion On the Moon

Before Armstrong took his first steps or uttered his first words, Aldrin sat down and did communion after saying a brief prayer. Armstrong just observed him quietly from a few feet away. Aldrin was a devout Presbyterian and he had planned ahead and had his pastor provide him with a communion wafer. Also, he had a small vile of communion wine to complete his religious observance. NASA decided not to publicize this tidbit for several years after the landing. The reason was not to create something offending for other religions on Earth.