10 Brilliant Home Utilities Stuff That You Must Own Now

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Our home is a place which we fill with all the luxuries and utilities that help us come and relax after a hard days’ work. We want it to have everything that makes us want to come back to home and have an atmosphere of peace. Technology has made it possible to have things that we think and we have 10 such things that every person out there will want in their home.

1 Table hammock

Every time we sit with our legs under the table to write something or work on our computer. While sitting, we tend to find some way to keep our legs in a comfortable position, where they would be stretched out and not cramped.

This table hammock is the only thing you need to buy, which attaches to your underneath of your table and can be used to hang your feet while working. It can be adjusted according to the height where you want your feet to be.

Table hammock

Image Source: www.coolthingstobuyfor.com

2 This toilet paper cum drinks holder

Well whichever genius thought of this and actually put in into reality should be saluted. We don’t know who drink while sitting on a pooper, but if you do, you can place your cans and glasses in this handy toilet paper cum drinks holder.

toilet paper cum drinks holder

Image Source: www.mercurey.jp

3 This spooky looking chandelier

What’s better in a room than to have a chandelier that illuminates the room in the shades of the forest. If you enjoy sleeping with such spookiness in your room, you must be the most eager one to buy this one.

This spooky looking chandelier

Image Source: www.kulturologia.ru

4 This water bottle with stash hider

We all go for a run in the morning and have to wear pants that have pockets to carry some cash, cards and some id on you for emergency. We all need to carry a water bottle. So great that someone decided to merge the two. Here is a water bottle that has a secret compartment for you to carry some cash, keys and card for emergencies and you don’t have to worry about losing any of them.

water bottle with stash hider

Image Source: www.shopify.com

5 Coffee butter to go with your coffee

Leave it to the Japanese for bringing our weirdest dreams come true. No one else thought of making coffee-flavored butter before for all the caffeine junkies, but Japanese went ahead and made it. And all you coffee loving people can now have coffee flavored toast with your morning cup of latte.

Coffee butter to go with your coffee

Image Source: www.mshcdn.com

6 This awesome biolit phone charger

All of the people who love to go outdoors have one fear, how to charge their phones in middle of nowhere. There are solar powered battery packs and other utilities, but this awesome bio-lit charger is the one you want. You can not only light it on fire using wood, but the heat will enable you to charge your phone as well. Just try not to light your phone on fire.

biolit phone charger

Image Source: www.wylsa.com

7 Vertical bath tub

Living space comes at premium and though everyone loves a big bath tub, not all have the luxury of required space. This unique vertical bath tub which gets filled up from the base up offers more functionality than a regular tub.

Vertical bath tub

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

8 This knife that melts butter

Spread THAT is a knife that heats itself, so that you can spread the butter on your toast easily. This saves you the hassles of waiting for the butter to become soft. It uses thermal conductor from your hand to heat itself and melts the butter.

knife that melts butter

Image Source: www.techrum.vn

9 Portable potty for outdoorsy people

This is known as bumper dumper and is for the people that like to roam outside and live their lives in the wild. This portable toilet can be hitched easily to the trailer and allows you to go and relieve yourself easily. It also comes with a 5 gallon container that can be emptied since there is no way to flush the stuff away.

Portable potty for outdoorsy people

Image Source: www.blogdehumor.com

10 Coolest cooler

This cooler is known as the coolest cooler of all and we are not talking about the temperature here. This cooler comes with a built-in ice crusher, blender, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and even a USB phone charger.

Coolest cooler

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

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