10 Amazing Hikes In Southern Utah You Should Know

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Utah desert offers the giant walls of the red rock, the open road, the sunshine and the ancient formations of sandstone. If you have visited Southern Utah before, especially in the summer, it is easy to understand that the sunshine is quite hot. If you want to enjoy the cooler side of Utah, you should explore southern Utah during fall. Here are the best hikes to try in Southern Utah.

1. Lower Calf Creek Falls

Hiking to the falls will take you to the beautiful waterfall. You can even find the natural pool to enjoy swimming in the wildlife.
Pack list:
Water, hiking shoes, camera, neutral density filter, sunscreen, snacks, hat
The area is great for 6 miles to explore and you can go hiking, photography, and camping. Since the trail is quite easy with an out-and-back trek, you can visit it at any months of the year. This area is also great for beginners.

2. Mesa Arch

With 0.6 miles of the loop trail, the hike is quite easy in this place. You will also enjoy the stunning views and sots of the Mesa Arch, the historic site. After spending the easy hike, you still have enough time to head to other spots.
Pack list:
Camera, tripod, water, and snacks
The easy hike makes it great for photography and hiking even for beginners. You can visit the area in any months of the year.

3. Golden Cathedral

The neat rock formation in this site will amaze you. Located in the heart of the Grand Staircase, the Escalante National Monument,  we only recommend the trail to visit for the advanced hikers only. Spring is the best time to visit the site with 9.2 miles of trail to hike. There are some good activities to do such as photography, camping, backpacking, and hiking.
Pack list:
Backpack, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, food, water or purifier, overnight gear for overnight hikers

4. Cassidy Arch

Do you want to get the best reward from the natural views? Explore this spectacular arch and stand on the top of it, explore the beautiful views of the Capitol Reef N.P, as well as the dark skies for your beautiful photography at night.
Pack list:
Teton Sports Hydration Pack, good hiking boots, camera, sunscreen, water, snacks, hiking clothes, warm jacket, and headlamp
Spend 3.5 miles of distance to hike the out-and-back trail for hiking and photography. Best time to visit his site is spring, summer, and autumn.

5. Navajo Loop and Queen Garden Trail

Enjoy the amazing views of Bryce Canyon with the short hike that takes only about 3.5 miles of distance. You can do camping, photography, snowshoeing, backpacking, and hiking in this area. The loop trail makes it great to visit in summer, autumn, and spring.
Pack list:
Bring plenty of water, camera, hiking shoes, and snacks
We recommend this site for the intermediate hikers as well.

6. Paria Canyon

There are many incredible things to do when you visit in Southern Utah and therefore, it is good to try to avoid the crowds. Make your journey to Southern Utah is full of rewards by visiting this Paria Canyon. The area is free to explore. Nevertheless, if you want to stay to camp, you should pay for $5 per dollar but the place is worth for your money.
Pack list:
Sturdy boots, walking stick, sun hat sunscreen and sunglasses, snack food and lunch, water, camera, and protective bag
For camper or backpacker, bring additional items below:
Tent, sleeping bag or sleeping pad, water filter, and food for your time to stay in the canyon

7. Narrows, Zion NP

This is a National Park that allows you to enjoy the unique experience. You have to hike for miles and you will find a river at the bottom of the deep slot canyon. The area looks beautiful with the addition of waterfalls, wildlife, natural springs, trees, beaches, and the colors of the sandstone walls that look so spectacular!
Pack list:
Water shoe, sandals or old running shoes, a day pack with the dry-sack for electronics, trekking poles or hiking stick, wetsuit, drysuit, dry pants, backpacking gear and permit for the top-down hikes, camera, wide-angle lens, camera polarizer, ND filter, memory card, tripod, camera extra batteries
Take 10 miles of distance for hiking and photography in autumn or summer that beginners can even do!

8. Red Cliffs Recreation Nature Trail

Do you want something fun to explore? Try to visit this trail and it will be an unforgettable experience to hike with your family. The blue water, the red rocks, and the sand are everything here.
Pack list:
Cash for free, water, sunscreen, sun hat, swimsuit, camera, and snacks
Asides of hiking, you can plan with your family to do more fun things like swimming, photography, camping, and chilling.

9. Double Arch

We can say that the area offers the largest collection of Arches in this worldwide. Therefore, it is great to hike the double arch and find more spots to explore.
Pack list:
Camera, tripod, and water
A beginner can hike and enjoy the trail as well with 0.5 miles of distance for hiking and photography. You can visit the trail at any time of the year and enjoy the out-and-back trail experience here. Eventually, the place is the best choice if you are planning to hike with your family or groups.

10. Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands NP

In this area, the detached location will make you able to find the beautiful rock arts in this country. You should hike along the canyon bottom and you will feel like you are enjoying the real gallery, pictographs, and petroglyphs.
Pack list:
Plenty of water 4-gallon per person, snacks or lunch, camera, 10 essentials and sunscreen or hat for sun protection
If you don’t mind to spend your time to hike at 7.2 miles of distance and 780 feet in elevation, try this area. It is good to visit the site in spring, winter, and autumn. Enjoy the out-and-back trail and we recommend you to visit if you are intermediate hikers. The area is a great choice for the big fans of scenic wildlife and wildflowers.