What Mindful Parenting Looks Like Caitlin Turpyn and Tara Chaplin of George Mason University tried to investigate this relationship directly in another recent study, by bringing parents and kids into the lab to look at their real-time interactions. Here, parents who’d reported on their levels of mindful parenting were asked to

What is Positive Parenting and why is it important? Positive parenting is an approach built on mutual respect.  According to author Debbie Godfrey, positive parenting techniques are “for parents who want to discipline their kids without breaking their spirit.”  But, what does this actually mean? Positive parenting is a parenting

Theoretical physics are complicated and that is its reputation. If we can write down the natural laws in mathematical form, it means the laws are simple. This is quite different from other scientific disciplines. Sadly, solving the equations is not always simple. For instance, we have a nice theory that

Physics is one of the fields in science that humans still could not solve some of the biggest problems. Even these things are impossible for humans to solve. It is not all about the difficulty, but it can be time-consuming. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence becomes the new hope for humans to

We can say that the 20th century became the most productive period for physicists. At that time, it was when Albert Einstein stated his theory of generative relativity. He helped us to view that gravity is not a force. It is a distortion of space. After that, Max Plancks, Werner

So, string theory supports a landscape of possible universes. Physicists have studied that the density of the dark energy offers a stable negative value. This is quite different from our universe that gives a stable positive value. If we are talking about the string theory, we cannot separate it from

So, what is consciousness? How does it work? What is quantum mechanics? Can you explain these things? Richard Feynman, the popular American physicist explained about the notorious puzzles as below: “I cannot define the real problem, therefore I suspect there is no real problem, but I am not sure there

Back in the 20th century, Relativity is one of the most popular scientific theories. But, do you know how far it can explain the things in your daily lives? The man behind this theory is Albert Einstein. It was in 1905 he formulated the theory. This theory stated that the