These Creative DIY Gift Ideas Are Less Than $5

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Living in difficult economic conditions and Christmas times, therefore, it seems if we can save more money without decreasing anything, sounds better. This year, you want to give the best gift to your loved ones and it does not mean that saving money with DIY gift ideas are impossible. In fact, you can make some GIFT ideas in just $5 and even less. The gift is getting for a personalized touch.

1. Colorful Dotted Tumblers

What you need is to take existing tumblers. Make sure they are still good and clean. Use faux petal to embellish them with various colors. This is affordable and easy that you can even experiment with any materials and colors.

2. Shot Glass Vases

Transform the simple vases into beautiful table centerpiece for any outdoor occasions. You know that glitters are inexpensive to buy in bulk. This is a nice alluring gift for anyone.

3. Copper Dipped Shot Glasses

Create a visual effect, yet it takes more time to make. You have to layer a typical shot glass by using parchment paper and a foam brush to paint the lower portion.

4. Unique Photographs For Coasters

Use the open-source programs to transfer personalized images onto basic coasters to create a unique and customized gift.

5. Canvas Print

This is a cheap and simple Gift to make. The images are from Pinterest or Instagram.
Similarly, it is relatively cheap and simple to create a unique canvas print using imagery source from either Instagram or Pinterest. Whether you include personal photographs or a stunning piece of imagery, this is a gift idea that can be created quickly and for well under $5.

6. Picture Magnets

This is also a simple and affordable way to make a gift.

7. Coffee Filter Flowers

Do you want to make your gift is more meaningful? Try this!
If you want to create gifts that infuse the recipients’ home with color and vibrancy, authentic coffee filter flowers represent an ideal choice. Start by scrunching disregarded coffee filters together and connecting them using a slender piece of floral stem wire, before adding a color of your choice and creating anything from peonies to roses.

8. T-Shirt and Towel Bags

These bags are so unique!
If you have been inspired by the thrift market, you will recognize that every individual item in your home boats potential value. You can cut and embellish old T-Shirts and towels to create visually unique produce bags, for example, which in turn will help the recipient to reduce their waste and eliminate the need to use plastic bags.

9. Spray-Painted Jars

You should not leave this because it is easy to execute!

10. Fabric-Covered Books

In a similar vein, the application of bright and textured fabrics to books can also create a unique and stylish gift option for creative individuals on a budget. Whether you cover a notebook or the latest best-selling novel, these covers are simple to fit and can be created from a host of different materials.

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