Our earth is a like a mystery sphere which keeps giving surprises every now and then. Over the years there have been many occurrences which remain a mystery even now. Archaeologists and researchers are still trying to figure out what these things are. Let’s see 10 amazing things which have been found on earth but can’t really be explained completely:

1 The Gate of the Sun

The stone structure carved out of one single stone, is believed to have been built some 1500 years ago. It was found at a location 12,549 feet above sea level, but it is believed that this is not its original location. There are carvings and engravings on the structure, the reasons and meanings of which are still unknown. Some scientists say that these engravings have astronomical and astrological significance, but nobody is 100% sure as to what these signs mean.

2 The Mount Owen Moa

Upland Moa was a flightless bird believed to have become extinct some 500 years ago. But the researchers were shocked to find a well-preserved claw of this extinct bird, dating back to 3,000 years in one of the caves of Mount Owen in New Zealand. Really, caves have such treasures hidden in them.

3 The Longyou Grottoes

These man made caves were found in 1992 and are believed to be dating back to the Qin Dynasty of 212 BCE. Till now, 24 caves have been found and there is no evidence in any historical record which can tell exactly when and how they were made.

4 L’Anse aux Meadows

This archaeological site in Canada dates back to the year 1000. This settlement was founded in 1960 and this site makes people believe that trans-oceanic contact prevailed even before Columbus could sail to India.

5 The Gobekli Tepe

This temple is located on the top of a mountain ridge in Turkey, and the findings of this place tell us a lot about ancient customs and their importance in the lives of the people. The city was believed to have been built after the construction of the temple. Religion has always been one of the most important things for people, even for our ancestors.

6 The Voynich Manuscript

Though many theories have been floating, which claim to have unlocked the code to the language in this manuscript, but none have been able to do that. In fact in 2014, two groups claimed to have solved this puzzle, but again nothing could be ascertained because their views were completely opposite. One believed that this is an ancient Mexican dialect and the other thought that it is an Asian language.

7 Yonaguni Monument

This underwater structure has been living as a puzzle in the minds of the researchers as no one knows whether this structure is man-made or a natural formation. There are 90 degree angular formations as well as flat edges on this structure which is located off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan.

8 The Tunnels from the Stone Age

These man-made tunnels are believed to be have been carved during the Stone Age, but researchers are still puzzled at the thought of how were they made in those times.

9 Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres

Costa Rica has a place where there are hundreds of granodiorite spheres that are present in sizes as small as 3 or 4 centimetres to even 3 meters. Archaeologists have simply no clue what they are?

10 Excavation of Eater Island mysterious heads reveals torsos under the surface

It seems there was much more to the mysterious Easter Island statues as previously believed. Till now the local population on one of the world’s most remote islands thought the statues were only heads but excavation has revealed they have complete torsos buried under the earth’s surface. This was discovered by archaeologist Jo Anne Tilburg research associate at UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. Tilburg had spent 9 years documenting the 1000 odd statues and was surprised to find the torsos buried under centuries of rock, dirt and earth when excavating two of them.