We believe that winter is the best time to save more money to deal with utilities, but what can you do to deal with the cold weather? Summer is all about air conditioning, but there are some ways to keep you feel warm at home without even deal with a heater. Today, we live in a modern era that we can use modern technology to offer more heating options.

1. Block the Wind

First, to get warm at home you should block the wind. In fact, winter makes the temperature drops by more than 100%. Therefore, you should close the doors and windows to prevent any air leaks. If you have window cracks and air leaks, seal them.
Curtains aren’t just for decoration. They actually have a purpose. Hang curtains over every window in your home to block any drafts. A two-curtain setup is best, with a liner to block the draft while allowing sunlight to warm the house, and a blackout-solar curtain to block out the elements and sound.
If you’re in a vehicle, makeshift curtains will have to do. Depending on your situation, you can use towels, floor mats, or even your own clothes, if you have enough layers.
If you’re outdoors, you’ll want to find a place near a structure. The more permanent walls surrounding you, the stronger your barrier against the wind. You’ll then want to build temporary walls out of whatever materials are available. In an urban environment, this means wood/plastic crates, shopping carts, cardboard, etc. In the wilderness, you can build walls from branches, snow, dirt, or whatever’s easily available.

2. Insulation For Walls

You can also check the insulation. For example, now insulated windows and walls are standard. What about the older home? Well, you should add more insulation. It is good to insulate the ceiling quite well because of the rising heat.
If you have an attic, insulating it, and even filling the space with storage, can help keep the heat from escaping.
In a vehicle, if you have a way to do so, add layers to the ceiling.
If you’re outdoors, padding your walls with any type of paper, cloth, leaves, dirt, etc. goes a long way in helping you stay warm.

3. Clear Outside Walls by Day

During the day, you want as much sun as possible hitting your dwelling. The sun provides plenty of natural warmth to the walls. On the other hand, at night, you should lean things against your walls to add extra barriers between you and the cold.

4. Light A Fire

Use a lot of candles in your home to provide light, heat, and ambiance with various colors, aromas, and shapes.
If you’re living on the streets, in the wilderness, or in a car, a few candles and matches can mean the difference between life and death, so I’d recommend you carry them on you at all times and store a few everywhere. Matches are free at any gas station, bar, or club, and candles are cheap and easy to either buy or make.

5. Cooking

It is unbelievable that cooking is the simple idea to warm up the air inside your house while eating the delicious menu. Other than that, you can add the calories from food.
If your power is out or you’re in a vehicle, there are portable cooking solutions, such as Sterno cans (basically a can of gel used for camping cookouts or to keep things warm), and camping stoves that are run on kerosene. In some situations, a small kerosene grill will work, but it’s best to avoid charcoal indoors, as it can fill the place with harsh chemicals you don’t want to breathe in.

6. Cuddling Up

Body heat is a great way to stay warm. It may seem counter-intuitive, but removing layers of clothing and cuddling up with someone is a great way to stay warm. Even knocking boots will have positive effects on your body heat and the heat in your dwelling. Convincing someone to join you in cuddling or copulation may get difficult if you’re sleeping on the streets, but a little hygiene and a warm smile go a long way.

7. Put A Blanket Over Your Face

Is it possible for you to pitch a tent? Do you have a canopy bed? Well, if these things are impossible, you can even put a blanket over your face. This will trap the air. Therefore, canopy beds are more than just for decorative purposes.
These work well to keep the heat in your bed while you sleep. Take advantage of your own heat source to stay warm at home with nothing but your breath.

8. Yoga

While we’re on the subject of breathing, meditation is a great way to keep yourself warm. When you focus on your breath, you become aware of every feeling. You can feel the cold on your skin, but with practice, you can train your mind to accept that feeling on your skin as something other than what you were taught. You’re not ignoring the cold–you’re simply reassigning how you accept the feeling in your body. If you think you’re cold, you’ll tense up and start to shiver, but if you actively concentrate on changing your perception of that same feeling you’re experiencing, you’ll begin to relax and gain control over your body.

9. Chicken Soup

Although drinking something cold has been scientifically proven to trigger your body’s need to warm up, drinking hot liquids, such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate is an effective placebo. If your taste buds prefer something more savory, soups and stews are a great replacement.

10. Dancing

Your body will produce heat if you move your body. Dance alone is still great. Alternatively, run around, do yoga, stretch, or anything to keep your body moving.
There are yoga positions specifically designed to raise your core body temperature. Yoga isn’t necessarily something you can learn by reading, so contact a local yoga studio or teacher who can train you in the proper positioning and breathing techniques to safely warm up with yoga.
Staying warm in Winter isn’t always easy, especially if you find yourself facing extraneous circumstances. If you properly assess your situation, however, you can stay warm at home comfortably and with little effort. Reinforcing and insulating your shelter, lighting candles, cooking, and eating all provide levels of warmth to help you brave the cold winter temperatures. With a little resourcefulness and a positive attitude, you can stay warm at home and prepare to face the wonders of Spring. Stay classy, San Diego.