When it comes to planting and gardening at home, adding trees and shrubs are a must.¬† It provides color, winter, and texture interest. Besides, trees and shrubs look great to complete Oklahoma and Texas landscapes. […]

Do you live in Oklahoma or Texas? Or, perhaps you have some friends there that have to pull out their best efforts to grow some plants? Well, Oklahoma and Texas are popular for their icy […]

Texas and Oklahoma gardeners should try to have long-lived fruiting plants during summer by growing them in containers. It is amazing to have some juicy strawberries, smooth figs, tart limes, and fresh blueberries? They are […]

Many of us have a big concern about water conservation and the way on how to obtain fresher and healthier food. So, if you need a little help from the regional garden contributor, you are […]

Pruning trees and shrubs are a must for all gardeners, especially those who live in Texas and Oklahoma. When you are about pruning plants, do it with no worries at all. In fact, pruning at […]