14 Powerful Herbs You Should Plant In Your Garden

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Owning a garden is a luxury! You can have peace of mind. But if you are not sure what to grow, some varietals that can be your herbs tea or maybe food are a good idea. So, if you have an upset stomach, stress, allergies or cold, just run to the garden.
Yes, of course, herbs cannot replace the pharmaceuticals but there are many studies have proven herbs can treat certain conditions, even in the safest way. Besides, the best thing is you can grow it in the garden with cheaper maintenance. So, these are perfect herbs for gardening.
Chamomile is everyone secret for the perfect tea. This flower has the anti-inflammatory agent that can help you get rid certain condition quickly, such as muscle tension, stomach aches, headaches, sore throats, sleep difficulty and even giving relaxation. One of the best variety to try is German chamomile because it has a delicate flavor. Some experts believe chamomile can help you reduce stress, infection until anxiety.
Lavender gives you beautiful vibe on your garden with its stunning purple color. Imagine if you plant the lavender and chamomile in a whole garden, this must be very Instagrammable!
The lavender is widely used in many kinds of products, from essential oils until perfume. This is the most favorite aromatherapy. The antidepressant, tension, and relaxing properties are good for everyone. Smelling alone can relax your mind.
Some people also use the flowers for salad, baked with cookies, infused water until brewed tea. For women who always suffer from menstrual pain, acne and stress, the lavender is the perfect cure. You can throw some flowers in the bath too for aromatherapy.
We have been using garlic for centuries as herbs. This is the best packs to give a powerful punch in your cooking. The super herb contains an antimicrobial that is effective to fight germs, bacteria and also virus. This is a perfect ingredient for boosting your immune system too. Some people often use garlic for flu, congestion, bronchitis, and colds. So, add this one on your gardening list. It is worth it!
Thyme contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are effective to soothe your throat due to coughing. Some people also enjoy thyme as tea. You can add thyme for meat seasoning.
So, I can say the peppermint is the magical plant that can relieve nausea, cramps and other digestive problems. You can brew it in tea for delicious taste. Adding it on salads, drinks or even sauces will not give you a problem. It adds refreshing taste. Believe me!
Lemon Balm
Well, the alternative herb of peppermint is the lemon balm. It has a similar smell and taste like peppermint. This herb is good at the soothing throat. This why people add lemon balm on tea or sprinkle it on salad. If you have insomnia and anxiety, lemon balm is effective in performing tranquility. You can also soothe the skin due to mosquito bites by rubbing the lemon balm on the skins. Certain disease such as herpes can be threatened with this leave.
Are you tired of hay fever or flu? Put Echinacea in your gardening list. The properties in this herb are effective in boosting your immune system. Even it helps you fight infections. It is OK to eat the echinacea fresh leaves or petals when the flu is attacking. If you are not so sure, add them in the boiling water.
Parley is often overlooked as the garnish on the plate. But it is more than aesthetic use due to is immune booster properties. Besides, parsley is also effective in flushing the toxins in the body that is believed can cleanse the liver. Beath breath problem will go away with a mouthful of parsley.
The look is beautiful, but few people know the feverfew can relieve migraines. You can enjoy feverfew as tea or simply chew the leaves to get rid of the headache. Oh! Menstrual cramps are no longer stick with you if you consume this herb.
The Mediterranean herb is the best! One of them is the rosemary with its powerful antioxidants. Many people believe this herb can increase your concentration, sharpen the memory and even improve your mood too.
Cilantro is mostly found in Thai and Mexican dishes. If you are a fan, then you serve your body well. Let’s say it is a digestive aid that can help you remove the toxins and metals from the body.
You should definitely plant basil whether you like herb or not! It gives a versatile and delicious taste for your Italian cuisines. But if your concern on the health aspect, basil is the best agent to treat the breakout zones. Or you can enjoy basil as a tea to detox the toxins in the body. Also, this is a nice herb for someone who has anxiety and stress.
Pot Marigold
The look is perfect! It is as beautiful as the sunset. Marigold is a well-known herb with high antioxidants that can repair cell damage. Whether you want to enjoy it in infused-water or in a salad this herb is still powerful. This is a good herb for help you rejuvenile the skin tissue and fights gastric.
The last one is sage as your must-have gardening list. This is a rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If you often suffer from sore throat, flu, and cough, sage is the best one.
Even many studies have proved this herb can improve the cognition of people with Alzheimer. You can add sage in your diet too, such as mixing it with chicken, pumpkin or butternut.
So, what do you think? Why don’t grow things that bring more benefits apart from view?

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