Pets are an important part of many people’s lives. Feeding and caring for a pet increases the senseof responsibility and takes away loneliness. For many people, pets are their companions and at times; the only ones they have. Do you know how important pets are? Psychology has proven that cuddling

Black and white digital photography strongly revolves around the aesthetics of proper planning in the shooting stage, and also creating a proper image file for the purpose of converting it to a black and white or monochrome photograph. There are numerous advanced black and white photography tipsand techniques, and when you

With so many blogs on photography around, you need to pick 2-3 photo blogs that cover the full spectrum of information you need to stay informed and inspired and then follow them regularly. Here are the 10 best photography blogs that you must follow: 1. Feature Shoot Showcasing the work of

The biggest mistakes professional photographers have seen other couples make—so you can avoid them—below. 1. Not Finalizing the Wedding Day Schedule “Talk to your photographer before finalizing the schedule for your wedding day. There’s a lot to consider in terms of photographing and natural light. Certain times of day are more photogenic

The Bronze Bomber has been at the top of his game for several years and his thrilling draw with Tyson Fury was one of 2018’s best bouts. Wilder believes he is the best in the showpiece division but fans are still waiting for him to face current top dog Anthony Joshua. The brash

Fiction books and movies talk about time travel quite a lot. But, is it possible to build a time machine so we can go backward and forward in time in real life? It is reasonable to say that we are all time travelers. Why? We move forward in time from

The String Theory is one of the most controversial and brilliant ideas even though no physicists have proven it. The heart of this theory is the thread of an idea that has run through physicists for many centuries. It is all about the different forces, interactions, particles, and manifestations of

The universe is full of stars. All those stars, of course, have planets. These planets are surely livable. So, why have we always been alone? Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist who proposed this question in 1950. This is an eponymous paradox that scientists offered a lot of solution since then.